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News video games 19 May 2016, 10:52

author: luckie

Watch Escape from Tarkov official gameplay stream

The official Escape from Tarkov gameplay stream has ended several hours ago, but you can still watch it in full-length on YouTube. In the video, the developers from Battlestate Games present some exploration, multiplayer combat, and more.

Ok, we know you’re waiting for Escape from Tarkov – so are we. This is why we thought you would enjoy watching an official stream from the game, which was broadcasted live just several hours ago. In the video we can see some free roaming, looting, weapon customization, shooting, and co-op multiplayer. The developers from Russian studio Battlestate Games are also making comments about the game’s mechanics and answering fans’ questions, but no big announcements here. Escape from Tarkov is currently in its alpha stage, and obviously some things still need polishing, but the overall impression is more than positive.

The goal Battlestate Games are trying to achieve with their upcoming online first-person shooter is the highest degree of realism possible. This includes more than just life-like graphics and animations – the developers are also focused on making combat, weapon handling, vast skill system, survival elements and other aspects of gameplay, feel like in real life. Escape from Tarkov is slated for release on PC later this year, however, it still hasn’t been beta-tested, despite the beta-test being scheduled for early 2016.

Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov

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