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News video games 30 May 2023, 13:34

author: Adrian Werner

'We Don't Approve of Mods Behind Paywall' - Valheim Devs on Mods; Players Agree

The developers of Valheim have spoken out against paid modifications for their game.

Valheim does not officially support mods, but this has not prevented creative players from developing many interesting fan projects for the game. The issue of paid mods has been controversial in the community for some time, and the game's developers, the people from Iron Gate studio, have finally spoken out on this issue.

  1. The developers have declared that mods can not be a paid product.
  2. According to them, the requirement to pay for access to mods is unacceptable. This includes situations where some elements of the project are free and others are paid.
  3. Instead, the developers have no objection to mod authors earning through donations from players, as long as they are voluntary. Here the idea is to prevent mods from being available, for example, only to those who pay for a subscription on Patreon.
  4. Iron Gate's statement takes the form of a declaration, and the game's developers are not threatening any consequences for those selling mods for the time being. However, it is not hard to imagine that this could change if the developers' appeal is ignored.
  5. Reaction of fans to the game developers' declaration are overwhelmingly positive.

Paid mods = big controversy

Paid mods have always been highly controversial. It is enough to mention the controversy from years ago, which was caused by the introduction of such a solution by Bethesda. The reaction of players was so negative that the company eventually abandoned the idea. Also Valve had to quickly give up on similar ideas.

Player doubts about paid mods are easy to understand.

  1. After all, mods are based on other people's games, so selling them is questionable.
  2. On top of that, it happens that such paid projects use elements from other free mods or commercial games.

However, not all fan communities share this approach to the issue of paid mods. One of the rare exceptions is the simulator genre, where players have had no problems buying the Over Flander Fields mod for Combat Flight Simulator 3, Full Canvas Jacket for Red Baron 3D or the countless fan projects for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

  1. Here, however, the situation is different in that these are relatively niche communities that see few official releases.
  2. Therefore, players treat these mods as unofficial expansions, which are the only way to expand their beloved titles.

Opinions are divided on this issue among The Sims fans, however. Electronic Arts supposedly forbids paid mods, but leaves a gateway in the form of the possibility to charge for early access to mods, and this option is sometimes abused. Some of the players who play the series do not tolerate it, while others do not mind..

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A handful of good free mods for Valheim to get you started

If you want to play Valheim with mods, then we recommend you start your adventure with the following projects:

  1. BuildShare - is a save system for buildings. With it, you can recreate a once-built structure in another game, without having to rebuild it manually.
  2. Epic Loot - one of the most popular mods for Valheim. It adds the loot system, well-known from action RPGs like Diablo, i.e. special items collected during gameplay from chests and bodies of enemies.
  3. Project Auga - mod extensively redesigns the user interface to make it both prettier and more functional.
  4. Valheim Legends - mod enhances RPG elements, e.g. by adding character classes.
  5. Valheim Plus - by far the most popular mod for the game. The project improves virtually every aspect of the crafting system and enables you to configure gameplay much more freely.


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