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Fae Farm - How to Get Sardine for Neppy (A Watery Wonder Quest)

Do you have no idea where to catch Sardines for Neppy in Fae Farm? In our guide, you will find the answer to this question.

Source: Fae Farm, developer: Phoenix Labs

Fae Farm is a game in which players' main tasks are to run their own farm, explore new lands and discover secrets. Of course, there are also many missions that can be completed. However, one of them - A Watery Wonder - that you receive from Neppy, causes a big problem for players, especially the quest to fish for Sardines. Our guide explains where to catch them.

Where to catch a Sardine in Fae Farm?

To find Sardines, go to places near the sea. Such locations are: Beach, The Docks and East Town. It doesn’t matter which place you will pick. It is possible that they will not appear right away, especially during the day, so you will have to wait a while, or go there at night, when they are more active.

How to catch a Sardine in Fae Farm?

To catch a Sardine, follow the steps below:

  1. Position your character close to the water, preferably near the shore or on a rock to get a good view of the fish.
  2. You can recognize a Sardine by the fact that it is white and blue and swims as if it is drawing a figure eight. What is more they are quite thin in the comparison to other sea creatures.
  3. When you spot a Sardine, take out your fishing rod and cast your bait close to it.
  4. When the fish bites the bait, pull the rod and spin the reel to catch it.
  5. Pay attention to the line, if it is red, stop pulling the fish towards you, otherwise it will break off.
  6. When the Sardine is very close to the shore, you will fish it out. It will automatically land in your inventory.

Fae Farm Guide

We have prepared a guide for you. It can be found here. There, you will learn useful information and many tips. It will allow you to start the game smoothly.

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Dawid Lubczynski

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Fae Farm

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