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News guides 24 November 2023, 00:52

You Are not Allowed to Speak in Local Chat in Diablo 4 (D4) - How to Fix

If you cannot use local chat in Diablo 4, you are not the only one. Here you will learn about original solution to this problem.

Source: Diablo IV, Developer: Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment tries its best when it comes to repairing their PR that was seriously tarnished in the past few years. After rather polarising first season in Diablo 4, the second one, Season of Blood, was met with warmer reception from the side of fans. To use to the most its success and to draw in more undecisive players, the game currently features a free week. Despite Blizzard’s best efforts, it doesn’t mean that D4 free trial is flawless. Some players have noticed an intriguing message: “You are not allowed to speak in local chat”. The solution to this problem is as simple as it is surprising.

How to fix Local Chat in Diablo 4

After the free week in Diablo 4 began, suddenly a number of players started reporting that when they try to use local chat, they are met with “You are not allowed to speak in local chat” message. This is especially problematic during one of the missions where you are required to cheer on training militia. You will not be able to do it since emoting is considered as using the chat. What gives?

It turns out that the so called “free week” is not entirely free. Yes, you are allowed to play the game, yet you do not have access to its all features. Solution for not working local chat doesn’t lay in game’s settings or in your faulty hardware but… money. Yes, you read that correctly. In order to gain access to chat, including emoting, you have to buy the full version of the game.

This is not the only restriction of the temporarily free version of D4. You are also limited when it comes to your character level. You will only be able to progress to level 20. Due to that it’s not a free week per se, but more like a limited trial version of the game.

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