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News hardware & software 23 November 2020, 13:44

author: Bart Swiatek

YouTube Will Display Ads in All Videos

YouTube has made changes to the terms and conditions of the platform, as a result of which ads will be displayed in all videos, regardless of the choice of the content creator and participation, or lack of thereof, in the YouTube Partner program.


  1. YouTube changes its user regulations, depriving creators of the possibility to decide on the monetization of videos;
  2. Ads will now be displayed in all videos, not just those that are covered by the YouTube Partner program;
  3. This is part of a larger pack of changes including the ability to display ads on home feed;

On November 18, YouTube made a small but crucial change in its regulations. It will allow the company to display ads in all videos, not just those whose creators participate in the YouTube Partner. The change was announced in a note published on the company's official blog.

In addition to the potentially larger number of ads viewed by users, the change also means that youtubers will now be unable to make decisions about monetization of their work, which can be very annoying for some creators - many of them choose to earn money from their work in an alternative, generally more stable way (e.g. through Patreon or cooperation with sponsors). They often turn off monetization in their videos so as not to force viewers to watch commercials.

YouTube Will Display Ads in All Videos - picture #1
Advertisements in all videos and on the main screen

YouTube ensures that the move is part of a larger set of changes, which includes, among other things, advertising on the so-called Home Feed. It is supposed to "make it easier for artists to profit from their work and reach the audience" - or at least that's the company's official argumentation in this matter. In practice, it's probably about the usual thing - earning even more money.

This change is currently being introduced in the United States. In other regions of the world the new regulations will come into force in mid-2021.

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