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News video games 12 August 2019, 11:59

author: Konrad Serafinski

YouTuber Completes Skyrim Using Only a Torch

YouTuber Mitten Squad has set himself the challenge of completing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim using only a torch. The task wasn't the easiest one, but in the end the player's will prevailed.

The real Dovahkiin is not afraid of fire.

After trying to complete The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim using only a fork, it was time for the next challenge. YouTuber Mitten Squad, who specialized in unusual ways to play video games, tried to complete Skyrim only with the help of a torch. Was our fearless hero up to the task? As it turns out, the completion of the main storyline using only a torch is not the simplest task, and the greatest difficulties were encountered by the player at the beginning of the adventure. In the first stage it was necessary to avoid any combat. The player's companions were doing all the dirty work.

Immediately after leaving the initial area, Mitten Squad realized that none of the merchants had a torch to sell him. In order to acquire the item, YouTuber allowed his character to be thrown into jail, where he began to laboriously improve his blocking skills. Of course, the problems didn't end here. Torches burn out after about 4 minutes, and what's worse, using it to block took up a lot of stamina.

Fortunately, after some time, the player managed to gain a skill that increased his damage fivefold. And here comes the real hero of this challenge - namely vegetable soup, which restores one point of health and stamina per second (for about 12 minutes). This makes it a perfect addition to a wielded torch. Eventually, with the help of the mythical food (beverage?) and a burning stick without a pointy end, Mitten Squad defeated Alduin and became the first Dovahkiin to do so.

Skyrim was released on November 11, 2011 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 3. Re-edited and improved versions were also released on the current-gen consoles. But the most important lesson you have to remember from this text is this: eat soup, because vegetables are healthy (and restore health and stamina!).

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