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News video games 21 August 2023, 12:47

author: Adrian Werner

Skyrim's Rich Future Shown at Creation Mod Con 2023

During the Creation Mod Con 2023 convention, new footage from the biggest upcoming modifications for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was shown. We could see Skyblivion, Apotheosis and Skywind, among others.

Source: Apotheosis Team

One of the reasons for the enduring popularity of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the extremely large and very active modding community. This past weekend saw the third edition of the Creation Mod Con fan event, during which we could see a ton of footage of the most promising upcoming modifications for Bethesda's hit.

In total, the whole thing was almost five hours. Below you'll find a list of projects with the times when the section devoted to them begins, but if you like mods we recommend watching the entire recordings from both days of the convention, as the scale of these projects and the skills of their authors are wildly impressive.

Day one of Creation Mod Con 2023

The first day of the event showcased the biggest upcoming mods for Skyrim.

  1. Beyond Skyrim: Argonia (fragment starts at 0:05:23) - the project will enable you to go to the title island which is the homeland of the Saxhleeli people.
  2. Odyssey of the Dragonborn (from 0:21:03) - is the successor to the already legendary Legacy Of The Dragonborn. Like the original, it will be a mod the size of an official DLC with a huge new area to explore. The plot is designed as a continuation of the main thread from Skyrim
  3. Beyond Skyrim: Valenwood (from 0:26:43) - will take us on an expedition to the titular land of the wood elves.
  4. Apotheosis (from 0:39:40) - a modification that will enable you to explore seventeen mysterious lands. The project has been development for a long time, but has encountered major problems. The head of the team responsible for the modification lives in Lebanon, where, due to the economic collapse, a steady supply of electricity could not be counted on for several years. Now the situation in the country has calmed down and the developer could finally resume work at a decent pace.
  5. Beyond Skyrim: Elsweyr (from 0:46:20) - will enable you to go to the land of the Khajiit.
  6. Systres (from 0:57:20) - a mod set on the title's archipelago of islets.
  7. Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodiil (from 1:01:32) - in this mod we will return to the land known from TESIV: Oblivion, 200 years after the events of that game.
  8. Skywind (from 1:17:23) - an insanely ambitious project that aims to develop a remake of Morrowind on the engine of Skyrim.

Day two of Creation Mod Con 2023

  1. Beyond Skyrim: Roscrea (from 0:04:29) - another in this series of mods that will take us to an archipelago of islands in the Ghost Sea.
  2. Esroniet (from 0:18:58) - a mod that will enable you to explore an island famous for its spices.
  3. Beyond Skyrim: Iliac Bay (from 0:28:38) - the modification will add two provinces: the northern regions of High Rock and Hammerfell.
  4. Skyrim: Extended Cut (from 0:46:06) - is a project aimed at creating extended and improved versions of small official modifications. The first fruit of this, in the form of Saints and Seducers, is now available for download.
  5. Beyond Skyrim: Atmora (from 0:51:36) - takes us to the title continent ruined by cataclysmic events.
  6. Thras: The Coral Kingdom (from 1:06:48) - a mod with a campaign set on the islands of the Sea of Pearls.
  7. Beyond Skyrim: Morrowind (from 1:12:05) - here the title explains everything.
  8. Skyblivion (from 1:27:43) - at the very end, we saw extensive footage of the progress on what is probably the most ambitious mod for Skryim - a remake of Oblivion.
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