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News video games 02 May 2022, 14:28

author: Miriam Moszczynska

Youtuber Made a Working Minecraft Piston and Racked Up 1.6 Million Views

Minecraft builders often brag about their constructions from the game. One of them took on the topic of construction from a slightly different angle - he recreated a piston from the game using Lego bricks.

Minecraft engineers usually create their mechanisms in the game itself, but one of them has come one step ahead of the rest by replicating the piston from the game using Lego bricks. The design is dynamic, and thanks to a lever placed on the back, the Lego-built piston moves exactly as it does in the game.

Lego and Minecraft sounds like a perfect combination

Despite a few slip-ups in the form of not enough bricks to build and, by the author's own admission, an overly ambitious idea for a working mechanism, he managed to create a functioning Minecraft piston out of Lego bricks.

You can see how the process of building both the main block and the lever went in the video below.

It should be noted that the size of the construction does not reflect the original. As noted at the beginning of the video posted by RJMBricks, each Minecraft block is a meter long. Therefore, to create a real size crowd, you would need even more Lego bricks, which - as I mentioned above - at some point ran out.

Community delighted with the idea

Among those commenting on the video, it is hard to find comments that do not compliment this construction. Even though the builder opted for a mechanical solution to the lever issue, users are still impressed with his design.

"This is not only a nice looking design, but also very functional! Well edited video!," wrote TD BRICKS.

"When he said he was going to abandon the electric motor, I was very disappointed. Then he came back with this simple mechanical design. Very clean, good work," wrote Darian Stamper.

"Cool design with a unique idea! Keep up the good work, buddy!," wrote Bogan Bricks.

It is worth noting that the video is one of the most viewed materials on RJMBricks' channel - it brought the youtuber over 1.6 million views.

Other quite popular videos from the creator are those in which he created a car driving simulator or an arcade game - also using Lego bricks.

If you are interested in the theme of building with the iconic blocks, then you should definitely check out RJMBricks' output.

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