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Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide

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Red Dead Redemption 2: Money - how to earn, what to buy? Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide and Walkthrough

Money is a very important thing in every open world game. There is a multitude ways of getting it. This page shows all legal ways of getting money. Moreover, we show how to make money in RDR2 and what to spend hard-earned cash on.

Last update: 23 September 2022

During your first few hours with Red Dead Redemption 2 you can suffer from lack of money - you won't be able to unlock hideout upgrades or buy new weapons and clothes. Luckily for you, there are many ways in which you can improve the situation for Arthur and the entire gang. On this page you can learn how to earn money in RDR 2 and what you can buy with it.

How to earn money in Red Dead Redemption 2?

1 - Red Dead Redemption 2: Money - how to earn, what to buy? - Campaign - Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide
  1. Try to complete main missions on a regular basis. Not every main mission rewards you with money but there are some of them that will help you get richer. Also, you don't always get money at the end of a mission. You can find it or collect valuables even during missions. Always look around - by doing that you won't miss any potential findings. After finishing the entire storyline you should have at least a few thousands of dollars. This amount of money should be enough to cover all your expenses.
  2. Side quests can also reward you with money or valuables. Here, you should pay extra attention to Bounty Hunting missions. Rewards for completing these missions aren't high but you can always search a person you were ordered to chase down or you can look around a location in which they were hiding.
  3. Treasure maps lead to places where you can find hidden treasures. Every map has a drawing of a place with a treasure. For more information, check our "Collectibles and secrets" chapter.
  4. Mini-games such as poker, black jack or domino need time to increase your fortune - treat them as a break from other activities. You can also use this opportunity to complete their challenges. Always make a manual save before you start playing a mini-game - you don't want to lose your money.
2 - Red Dead Redemption 2: Money - how to earn, what to buy? - Campaign - Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide
  1. Another great method of getting rich is to search corpses of fallen enemies and locations in which you were fighting them (various drawers, chests and other containers plus items that are lying in plain sight). You can find cash, valuables such as jewelry and other items that are worth a bit. All of these items can be sold. Note - Avoid searching corpses and stealing when someone is nearby, i.e. in public buildings. Someone can accuse you of stealing.
  2. All useless items can be sold. Besides the aforementioned jewelry, you can also sell, i.e. various medicaments. First dispose of items that you have in full supply (e.g. when you have reached the limit of 5 bottles in your hero's bag). This will allow you not only to receive cash, but also to pick up other items of this type after you find them in further parts of the game. Note - In case of things coming from theft it is worth to consider visiting a fence where they can be easily liquefied.
  3. A safe way to raise funds is to hunt wildlife. Try to use a bow or rifle and additional specialized arrows or ammunition to eliminate wildlife. This will increase the likelihood that the skin of the animal will remain of high quality. This will allow you to put it up for sale at a much better price.
3 - Red Dead Redemption 2: Money - how to earn, what to buy? - Campaign - Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide
  1. A very risky way to raise funds is to steal from shops. In this way you can easily get into trouble with the law and contribute to the wanted level of your hero. If you still want to take the risk, don't forget to set up a bandana and do a reconnaissance. Some shops have hidden businesses in the backyard. This includes a pharmacy and a multi-branch store in Valentine. After you learn about their existence you can force the seller to unlock access to the backroom. Hidden locations can accommodate armed people, but you will find more valuable items there.
  2. Another interesting way is to break into locked chests. You can find them, for example, mounted on stagecoaches or in locations that are especially well watched by enemies. In order to open any such chest you need to have a Lock Breaker, which you can buy for about 20 dollars from a fence (the picture above).
  3. After you have completed the main mission "The Spines of America" in the second chapter, you can steal carts and stagecoaches and get with them to the farm where Seamus is staying. The man will pay for each cart delivered, but be sure to carry out any theft without any mistakes and not fall into additional legal problems..
  4. You can look for opportunities to get rich at the gang's headquarters. Other members of the Dutch gang can come up with their own proposals for an easy income. For example, from Javier you can find out about the opportunity to rob a farm. These are mini-tasks where you have to get to a given location and plunder it (it is often connected with the need to eliminate its inhabitants). In this way you can get a lot of cash and valuable items.

What to spend money on in RDR2?

4 - Red Dead Redemption 2: Money - how to earn, what to buy? - Campaign - Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide
  1. You should spend your funds primarily on buying further upgrades to the gang camp. The two most important improvements to the camp can be found on the Lodging page in the register - First Things First for $220 and Next in Line for $325. By paying for both of these improvements, you can unlock a fast-travel map in the camp. It will make it much easier for you to continue your gameplay. You will be able to get to important locations more easily without having to travel on horseback for a long time. Use stagecoach or train only if you are far from the gang's headquarters and if you're in a hurry - the journey can cost from a few to more than $10.
  2. Another important improvement to buy at gang headquarters are the Leather Working Tools for $225. They unlock new crafting options in the camp. Take an interest in the positions on the front pages of the registry, i.e. guaranteeing a regular supply of important resources like food, medicines or ammunition for weapons. Paying for these projects will allow you to easily replenish basic or even more "advanced" supplies (e.g. unique types of ammunition).
5 - Red Dead Redemption 2: Money - how to earn, what to buy? - Campaign - Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide
  1. The cash in the game is also useful for purchasing the most important additional items of equipment. Probably the most important object of this type is a horse refreshing agent (Horse Reviver), which in case of an accident (e.g. a collision with a tree or a fall from a high height) can protect the mount from death. A single reviver costs about 10 dollars and you only need one of those. You can find more medicines in the game world. Gun Oil is one of the cheaper items to buy, so you can always have your weapons in good condition. The Lock Breaker is more expensive to buy for about $20 at the fence, but the investment can quickly pay for itself, as valuable items are stored in closed containers.
  2. Don't forget about small expenses, either. Thanks to newspapers you can learn about events in the game world (and find out the names of cheats ;) ), and by paying for a bath in the hotel you can improve the hero's state of hygiene (and the state of his health core).
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