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The Last of Us 2 Guide by

The Last of Us 2 Guide

Table of Contents

The Last of Us 2: Chapters, stages - list The Last of Us 2 guide, walkthrough

Walkthrough for all chapters and stages, a list. Mission select feature – is it available? Mission structure – what does it look like? Stages to choose from – are there any? In-game choices – are there any available in the story? Game ending – how many endings are there?

Last update: 29 June 2020

This spoiler-free page of the guide to The Last of Us 2 has a list of all the main chapters and stages of the single-player campaign. A look at the list below will help you determine how many levels are in the game and quickly find the stage you are interested in.

It will take you around 25-30 hours to complete the main story campaign of The Last of Us 2. The game is divided into chapters, and these, in turn, were divided into individual stages. Although the action of the game takes place during a period of a few days, in some parts of the game you will experience many flashback scenes. These will take you to the past - a few years earlier before the current events in the game. We have prepared a comprehensive walkthrough of all levels, which includes detailed descriptions of all chapters and stages.

Here is a list of all chapters and stages available in The Last of Us 2 - The Last of Us 2: Chapters, stages - list - Walkthrough - The Last of Us 2 Guide

List of chapters

Here is a list of all chapters and stages available in The Last of Us 2:


  1. Prologue, Waking Up - The beginning of the adventure with Ellie and Joel. Learning controls, introduction to the plot, etc.
  2. The Overlook, Patrol - Together with Dina you have to go on a patrol, but you're surprised by a snowstorm.
  3. The Horde, The Chalet - You control the other character who wants to reach Jackson. You have to, among others, run away and fight a horde of mutants.

Seattle Day 1 - Ellie

  1. Packing Up, The Gate - Ellie's going with Dina to Seattle.
  2. Downtown - Ellie and Dina search for fuel to open one of the gates.
  3. Return to the gate with fuel canister - After obtaining fuel, you can return to the gate and open a passageway.
  4. Eastbrook Elementary - First encounter with the Wolves and escape from elementary school.
  5. Capitol Hill, Channel 13 - Ellie and Dina want to reach the TV station, but the mutant traps are blocking their way.
  6. The Tunnels - Escape from the Wolves forced the heroines to flee to an abandoned subway station.
  7. Theatre - A short break to rest after the events of Seattle Day 1.
  8. The Birthday Gift - flashback - A flashback from Ellie's birthday which took place a few years ago.

Seattle Day 2 - Ellie

  1. Hillcrest - Ellie's on her way to find Tommy, who is said to have been seen in Hillcrest.
  2. Finding Strings - Another flashback with Ellie and Joel.
  3. The Seraphites - Ellie's following Nora, who's been taking part in gruesome events near Jackson.
  4. St. Mary's Hospital - Ellie visits the hospital where she hopes to find Nora.

Seattle Day 3 - Ellie

  1. Road to The Aquarium - Ellie's going to The Aquarium, where Abby's supposedly residing.
  2. The Flooded City - boat trip - After getting the boat, Ellie swims to The Aquarium.
  3. Infiltration - The Aquarium - Ellie reaches The Aquarium, where she prepares to confront all abusers.


  1. Tracking Lesson - The first of the flashbacks as Abby. Hunt!

Seattle Day 1 - Abby

  1. The Stadium - Presentation of the base of the Wolves faction.
  2. On Foot - Confrontation with the Seraphites!
  3. The Forward Base / The Aquarium - A conversation with Isaac and a flashback with Owen.
  4. Hostile Territory - Abby's on her way to find Owen. She has to fight Seraphites many times on her way.
  5. Winter Visit
  6. The Forest - Abby gains unexpected allies and tries to escape from the forest.
  7. The Coast - Further way to Owen, among other things, through a ship full of mutants.

Seattle Day 2 - Abby

  1. The Shortcut - Abby sets off to find out what happened to Lev and Yara.
  2. The Descent - The way through a skyscraper is full of mutants.
  3. Ground Zero - The lower levels of the hospital and... the Patient Zero!
  4. Return to the Aquarium - Return to the Aquarium and searching for Lev.

Seattle Day 3 - Abby

  1. The Marina - Battle against a sniper, meeting Manny.
  2. The Island - The headquarters of the Seraphites faction.
  3. The Escape - Escape with Lev from the island.
  4. Confrontation - Confronting Ellie.

The Farm

  1. Day by day - Idyllic life on the farm. However, it doesn't last forever...

Santa Barbara

  1. Constance 2425 - Abby and Lev are looking for traces of Fireflies.
  2. Pushing Inland - Ellie sets out to find clues leading to Abby.
  3. The Resort - Final confrontation with the slave hunters and the epilogue of Tlou2.

Mission structure

The Last of Us Part II is divided into chapters and stages.

  1. The chapter has an overarching role and consists of a number of stages. Further acts of the campaign may involve, for example, visiting various places in the main locations, such as Seattle.
  2. A stage is simply a level / mission and you go through it one at a time. It is worth noting that stages can vary in length - some can be completed in a few minutes; others may require you to spend up to a few dozen minutes or more than 1 hour.

Chapter selection

Yes, The Last of Us 2 contains the option to choose the stage (so-called chapter select). Once you have completed a stage, you can freely repeat it - go to the main menu, select the chapter and then the level you are interested in.

The main motivation for repeating the stages is to find secrets / collectibles you have missed. However, you can also, for example, try to complete a level on a higher difficulty level.

Optional stages

No, all stages in the game are mandatory, i.e. you have to complete each of them to finish the game. Many stages, however, offer optional exploration - for example, you can search the buildings you pass along the way for collectibles or loot. However, you don't have to focus on the additional exploration to complete the campaign.

Choices and endings

No, The Last of Us Part II is a production with a linear story. You can't make any decisions during the game and the story presented has only one ending. This works in the same way as in the first TLoU.

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