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The Last of Us 2 Guide by

The Last of Us 2 Guide

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The Last of Us 2: How long does it take to complete the game? The Last of Us 2 guide, walkthrough

Time required to complete the game: how long does it take to run-through the main story campaign? How long can it take to collect all trophies? How long can it take to get all secrets and collectibles?

Last update: 18 June 2020

This guide page contains information on how long it takes to beat The Last of Us 2. We have prepared a few time values - for people who want to focus on the main plot, for players keen to explore the countryside for secrets, and for trophy hunters who want to get the platinum trophy.

1 - The Last of Us 2: How long does it take to complete the game? - Appendix - The Last of Us 2 Guide
  1. A single playthrough of The Last of Us Part II should take you about 25-30 hours. This means that the sequel is clearly longer than The Last of Us 1, which could be completed in about 15 hours. The time frame provided by us assumes that you will choose a normal level of difficulty and spend some time on optional exploration. However, we're talking here about additional exploration without collecting all collectibles and secrets in 100%.
  2. The optional exploration of the game world can extend the total gameplay time up to 35-40 hours. First of all, it should be noted that searching various areas and locations is advisable even if you don't plan to discover 100% of the game's content. By finding loot you can replenish your medical supplies, ammunition and obtain crafting materials. You can find more than 200 secrets in TLoU 2 and it can take some time to collect all the collectibles, especially since the game has many long stages with well-hidden secrets.
  3. The Last of Us 2 allows you to play the game on different difficulty levels and this has a significant impact on the overall gameplay time. By selecting one of the lower difficulty levels you can shorten your story campaign even by a few hours. Most battles can be easily won during your first approach. Also, you will be able to aggressively attack many encountered opponents. Selecting a high or very high level of difficulty will force you to become more careful and vigilant. Also, you will have to use sneaking more often. In addition, you will easily die in many battles. Therefore, be prepared for such circumstances, as you may have to repeat many battles.
  4. The platinum trophy in TLoU2 is much more demanding than the one in the first part of the series. The main reason is that The Last of Us 2 has no multiplayer mode - all trophies are unlocked in the single player campaign. In the first part of The Last of Us it was rather difficult and took a long time due to all multiplayer trophies which also had to be unlocked.
  5. A great advantage is the fact that you can earn platinum trophy in The Last of Us 2 by playing on any difficulty level. The game designers haven't prepared separate trophies associated with higher difficulty levels. You won't find too many problematic trophies in the game either. Most consist in finding 100% of collectibles and unlocking 100% of the character's weapons and equipment. The most time-consuming trophies are those associated with upgrading all weapons and purchasing all passive abilities - they force you to replay some parts of the story campaign in New Game Plus mode.
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