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The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough by

The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Side-quests - part 1 | Chapter II | Walkthrough The Witcher Guide

Last update: 02 February 2017


Qp.3. Berengar's Secret (continued)

Phase 4. Witcher's Sword

In phase 2 of Q2.23. Prison Break you find out that Thaler the fence is in possession of a Witcher's sword.

Phase 5. Berengar's Equipment

When you ask Thaler (M8.26) about where he found the witcher's sword, he'll tell you that the blade itself wasn't Berengar's, but he has some other equipment that he owned.

Phase 6. Hired by Kalkstein

Tell Thaler that you need info on Berengar, and you'll know that he was employed by Kalkstein.

Phase 7. Coleman

Persuade Thaler a little bit more about Berengar to find out that he bought his things from Coleman, whom you can find in the Hairy Bear.

If Coleman is dead, another phase will commence - Coleman's Death. It's not important actually.

Phase 8. Brickmakers

Ramsmeat in the inn (M8.24) tells you that Berengar was found at the swamps (if Ramsmeat doesn't want to talk to you, leave the inn and reenter it).

Phase 9. Clay Pits

Vaska (M10.16) tells you that she last saw Berengar near the Clay Pits (M10.5).

Phase 10. Berengar's Death

Dead bodies near the clay pits (M10.6) seem to be a proof of Berengar's death.

Phase 11. Berengar is alive!

At the end of Q2.59. Force Recon you find out (from either Yaevinn or Siegfried) that Berengar is alive.

Quest will be continued in chapter III.

Q1.7. Wanted (continued)

Phase 2. A Reward for the Brooches

When you're in Vizima in chapter II, tell Jethro (M8.23) that Salamandra had to anger Foltest, and he will tell you that it wasn't the king who put a bounty on the Professor. (if Jethro doesn't want to talk to you, leave the dungeon and enter it again).

Phase 3. Messenger

Salamandra Brooches can be sold to the messenger who can be found in the Hairy Bear. He won't be too talkative until you drink with him (5 pints of beer should do it). You'll find out that he's working for Leuvaarden.

Phase 4. Brooches

Go to Leuvaarden (M9.10) and tell him that you know that he's the one paying for the brooches. He won't talk to you if you don't bring him three of them. You should have more than enough with you now, and if you don't, just walk around the Temple Quarter at night and slay some bandits.

Phase 5. Brooches

When you have three Salamandra Brooches, take them to Leuvaarden (M9.10).

Phase 6. A Reward for the Brooches

The merchant will pay you 200 orens for each brooch. Quest will be continued at the end of chapter III.

Q1.12. Dice Poker (next part)

Phase 4. First matches

Tell Zoltan that you've already won some matches. You'll know that there are some professionals in the Hairy Bear (M8.24). You should beat all 4 of them to win their respect.

Phase 5. Going pro

This phase begins once you finish quest Q2.32 Dice Poker: Professional

Quest will be continued in chapter III.

Q1.19. Hot Potato (continued)

Phase 2. Missing Parcel

When you're in Vizima in chapter II and you get your things back from Jethro (M8.23) you'll see that the parcel is missing.

Phase 3. The Missing Parcel

Jethro (M8.23) tells you that it's been confiscated.

Flashback: If in Q1.18 Strangers in the Night you let Squirrels live, they later kill Coleman and make this quest impossible to finish.

Phase 4. The Parcel

When you ask the Innkeeper (M8.24) about the address, be sure that it's sent to Coleman. He's also in the inn, near the fireplace.

Phase 5. Fiasco

If you admit to Coleman that the guards took away your parcel, but he won't be too happy with it (and the quest is over).

Phase 6. Compensation

You can offer Coleman a compensation of 100 orens.

Phase 7. Payment

Pay Coleman 100 orens.

Phase 8. A Threat

You can play hard with him and tell Coleman that he can forget about his parcel. Quest won't be over yet if you do that ...

Phase 9. The Witcher's Threat

When you approach the Hairy Bear at night, three bandits will attack you. Kill them and talk to Coleman once more.

Phase 10. Coleman Trembling

Coleman can be found either in the inn (M8.24) or at the Dike (M8.4). Talk to him about the bandits and the quest will be finally over.

QP.22. Fistfight (continued)

Phase 4. Fighting Dhunda

Dhunda is in Temple Quarter, in the Hairy Bear inn (M8.24). Challenge him - you have to pay 75 orens for that.

Phase 5. Dhunda Defeated

When you defeat him, you can choose your reward: 150 orens, Golden Necklace or two bottles of Mandrake Cordial.

You'll meet your next opponent in chapter III.

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