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The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough by

The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Side-quests - part 1 | Chapter III | Walkthrough The Witcher Guide

Last update: 02 February 2017


Qp.3. Berengar's Secret (continued)

Phase 12. A Traitor

When you read the Professor's letter in phase 16 of Q3.89. The Unforgiven then you'll know that Berengar is working for Salamandra.

Quest will be continued in Chapter IV.

Q1.7. Wanted (continued)

Phase 7. The Professor's Death

The Professor died at the end of chapter III, during the battle in Salamandra's base - it's at the end of Q3.89. The Unforgiven.

Q1.22. Fistfight (continued)

Phase 5. Fighting Andrew Gablodda

Andrew is fighting in the Trade Quarter - in New Narakort (M14.13). You have to bet 200 orens to fight him.

Phase 6. Andrew Gablodda Defeated

As a reward you can have your 200 orens back, Swarog Runestone, Red Meteorite - or you can choose to have 500 orens and an Earth Rune.

Quest will be continued in Chapter IV.

Q2.32. Dice Poker: The Professional (continued)

Phase 5. The Hierophant Plays Poker

The Hierophant is in Druids' Grove in chapter III (M20.10). If you ask him about your common friends, then he'll tell you that he's a dice player.

Phase 6. The Hierophant

Beat the Hierophant.

Phase 7. Count de Wett Plays Poker

You can meet the count in the guardhouse (M14.11) after doing Q3.60. Posh Reception. Ask him if he's into politics, and you'll know that he plays poker.

Phase 8. Count de Wett

Beat Count de Wett.

Phase 9. Professional

When you beat 4 professional players, you'll gain a rank of pro yourself. The quest is over when you challenge Koster, who's in the gambling den (M14.25).

Q2.52. A Lost Lamb (continued)

Phase 5. Found

The lost boy is in the swamp (M20.8). Talk to him in order to send him home.

Phase 6. Success

Go back to Vaska (M20.5) and tell him you've found the boy.

Q3.61. Identity

Phase 1. Psyche

It's one of the 4 quests you start the chapter with.

Phase 2. Memory

Triss tells you that she can't help you regain your memory and you can only count on yourself.

Phase 3. Motivation

Talk to Thaler about Salamandra and you'll understand your own motivations. Thaler can be found at a party in New Narakort (M14.13). Start the conversation with asking him about who he really is.

Phase 4. Monsters

After leaving the Salamandra's hideout (M14.42) in phase 10 of Q3.87. Lock and Key, you'll witness a scene in which a werewolf kills a group of thugs. The werewolf turns out to be Vincent himself. Killing or letting him go is the next step in knowing your own nature.

You'll know more about yourself in chapter IV.

Q3.62. All the King's Men

Phase 1. A Letter of Safe Conduct

It's one of 4 quests you start the chapter with. Triss gives you a note that lets you walk around the Trade Quarter.

Phase 2. The Officer

When you leave Triss' house, you have to show your pass to one of the guards.

Phase 3. Thaler

When you leave New Narakort after the party in Q3.60. Posh Reception, you'll see an argument between Count de Wett and Thaler.

Phase 4. Thaler's Death

If you support the Count here, you'll let Thaler die.

Phase 5. The Forgery

If you don't believe what the Count says, nobody dies, but surely the Count won't be very fond of you now.

Phase 6. The Conversation Continues

Follow Thaler to the inn and talk to him.

Phase 7. The King's Signature

You'll know that probably all the recent king's orders have been forged.

Phase 8. Radovid's Projection

When you perform a quest Q3.87. Lock and Key, you will have a chance of talking to Radovid, the king of Redania.

Phase 9. Triss Helps

Ask Triss (M14.13, M14.1) about the magic stone.

Phase 10. The Communication Stone

To know more, meet Triss at her house (M14.1). Triss tells you where to go.

Phase 11. Radovid of Redania

Go to Radovid's hideout (M14.31) and ask him if he has any business with you.

Phase 12. The Princess's Scheme

At the end of Q3.89. The Unforgiven you'll know that all the problems in Vizima have been caused by princess Adda - formerly a cursed beast (she's the one from the intro movie, if you don't know that already).

Q3.65. Dandelion's Lute

You can start this quest in two ways. For some reasons it's better to kick it off by talking to Dandelion at the Inn. If you visit Pankiera's house first, due to a bug you won't be able to get intimate with a certain girl (and you wouldn't want that, now would you?).

Phase 1. The Lute

Go to "New Narakort" (M14.13) and ask Dandelion what happened to his lute. He won't want to talk unless you drink with him (7 beers). When he's drunk, ask him about the lute again, then ask why he was afraid to talk to about it, and at the end agree to help him.

Phase 2. The Muse

Before you go to find the instrument, sober up - Side-quests - part 1 | Chapter III | Walkthrough - Quests | Chapter III - The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough

Before you go to find the instrument, sober up. When you enter the house (M14.18), you have to beat up the girl's father using fists. Or pay him 20 orens - it doesn't matter how you handle him. Then go upstairs and talk to Rozalind Pankiera. If you want to sleep with her, choose the following sentences:

"That's why I'm here"

"We settled matters..."

"If you give up the lute..."

"I would stop short of the marriage..."

"Can I cheer you up?"

"Causes a slight tingling..."

Phase 3. The Lute Reclaimed

Approach the chest in the corner and take Dandelion's Lute from it.

Phase 4. The Concert

Give the lute back to Dandelion (M14.13), and he'll invite you to his concert. If you enter the inn around 8 PM, then you'll see him playing the lute. And that's all.

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