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Trek to Yomi Guide

Trek to Yomi Guide

One samurai Trek to Yomi guide is a complete game walkthrough and Begginer's Guide, tips fot combat, character development, gaining skills. We describe all mechanics, attacks, secrets, collectibles, artifacts, upgrades and control and system requirements.

Last update: 18 May 2022

The Trek to Yomi game guide contains a detailed and complete description of its content, as well as numerous tips and tricks, thanks to which defeating enemies, eliminating bosses, solving environmental puzzles and finding secrets should be easier. The information from our guide should help you complete Trek to Yomi in 100%.

Our guide opens with the basics and FAQ with answers to frequently asked questions. You will find, e.g. a beginner's guide and various tips and information about combat, developing your character and acquiring new skills. You will also learn how to save the game, can you turn off the monochrome filter, how to extend the hero's health bar, or how to defeat armored enemies.

The most important part of our guide is a detailed walkthrough of all 7 chapters of the single player campaign. The descriptions of individual levels have information on how to complete mission objectives, how to deal with opponents, how to find alternative paths and secret rooms, and how to win boss fights. The walkthrough also includes the locations of all secrets and collectibles - you will learn where you can find artifacts as well as health, stamina, and equipment upgrades.

The last few pages are dedicated to a trophy guide, thanks to which you will be able to unlock 100% of the achievements and get the platinum trophy. You will also find information about the controls, system requirements, and how long it takes to beat Trek to Yomi.

Trek to Yomi: Quick beginner's tips

  1. Master the parries and counter attacks. Parries can help a lot in defeating enemies, and they are practically obligatory during battles with armored opponents. It requires a good timing, so you should practice it from the very beginning of the game. During the campaign, you can unlock skills that improve parry and allow, for example, to parry attacks from both sides.
  2. Use every shrine you find. They have two great advantages - they allow you to save the game and regain all lost health points. Most of the shrines can be found in the main locations, but there are a few in secret areas.
  3. Use spin attacks on the enemies facing Hiroki with their backs. By default, you can perform one attack this way, but later in the game you will unlock attack combinations. They are very useful in situations where enemies are attacking simultaneously from two different sides.
  4. Don't let Hiroki get tired. This can happen if you deplete the entire stamina bar. The hero will then only be able to parry and perform single attacks. Do not perform too many attacks in a row. You should also look for upgrades in the game world that will permanently extend the stamina bar.
  5. There is always only one path to the goal. In some locations you can look for alternative paths to avoid opponents or to get rid of them cleverly using a trap (e.g. dropping a heavy cargo on their heads). Try to look for these opportunities.
  6. Use ranged attacks, e.g. throw shurikens or use the bow. These types of attacks can allow you to kill opponents silently or to make them lose balance in a direct fight. The main character can find arrows or shurikens on a regular basis, but unfortunately he is only able to carry a limited number of them.
  7. Walk the outskirts of each location you visit. There is a good chance that you can locate some invisible passage leading to a side area or inside a building. Many of these optional areas have some treasures.

More tips and hints are available on a separate page: Beginner's guide.

Trek to Yomi: All missions

Our Trek to Yomi walkthrough covers all seven stages/chapters. Each chapter requires you to complete various objectives, missions, fights and confrontations with bosses.

  1. Chapter 1 - The walkthrough explains, among others, where to find Master Sanjuro, how to get to the main gate, how to fight off the bandits and how to survive your first boss encounter with Kagerou.
  2. Chapter 2 - The walkthrough explains, among others, where to find your captured comrades, how to reach Kamikawamura, how to save the villagers, and how to defeat the boss Sadatame.
  3. Chapter 3 - The walkthrough explains, among others, how to find Aiko, how to help the hero's allies, and how to play the second fight with Kagerou.
  4. Chapter 4 - The walkthrough explains, e.g. how to defeat monsters, how to get the ozutsu weapon and use it, how to escape safely in the tower, how to defeat the boss Aiko and what the first important choice is about.
  5. Chapter 5 - The walkthrough explains, e.g. how to solve the 3 puzzles with symbols, how to defeat ghosts, how to deal with the mini-boss Sadatame and the boss Sanjuro, and when you have to make the second choice.
  6. Chapter 6 - The walkthrough explains, e.g. how to complete the next 3 puzzles with symbols and the puzzle with 4 obelisks, how to escape from Yomi, how to defeat the boss Ara-Mitama and when you make the third choice.
  7. Chapter 7 - The walkthrough explains, e.g. how to get through the burning village, how to defeat the final boss Kagerou, and how to unlock 3 different endings.

Trek to Yomi: All artifacts - secrets

The secrets and collectibles chapter for Trek to Yomi has information about their locations. This will allow you to find all the artifacts, as well as obtain all upgrades for your hero's health, stamina and equipment.

  1. Chapter 1 - There are 7 artifacts, and you can also find various upgrades for the hero and his equipment.
  2. Chapter 2 - There are 6 artifacts, and you can also find various upgrades for the hero and his equipment.
  3. Chapter 3 - There are 10 artifacts, and you can also find various upgrades for the hero and his equipment.
  4. Chapter 4 - There are 10 artifacts to find and you can also find various upgrades for the hero, and equipment.
  5. Chapter 5 - There are 8 artifacts, and you can also find various upgrades for the hero and his equipment.
  6. Chapter 6 - There are 10 artifacts, and you can also find various upgrades for the hero and his equipment.
  7. Chapter 7 - There are 9 artifacts, and you can also find various upgrades for the hero and his equipment.

Trek to Yomi: Basics and FAQ

The Basics and the FAQ chapters have useful tips for winning fights, as well as solutions to common problems and questions.


  1. Fight - From this page, you will learn, among others, about the basic range and combinations of attacks, blocking and parrying enemy attacks, ranged combat and unlocking new types of attacks and abilities.
  2. Character progression - The page contains information on improving your character by acquiring new skills and extending health and stamina bars.
  3. Difficulty levels - On this page, you will find out about the available 4 difficulty levels, and which one is the best for your first playthrough.


  1. Saving - can you save? - We explain when you can save the game and how the option of returning to the last checkpoint works.
  2. Monochrome filter - can it be turned off? - We answer whether the game must always have a black and white filter enabled or whether you can set more colors.
  3. Health bar - how to increase? - You will learn how to permanently extend Hiroki's health bar and increase the chances of survival.
  4. Armored enemies - how to defeat? - You will learn how to eliminate enemies that use armor, which are able to block most of the standard attacks.
  5. Chapter Select - is it available? - We explain whether the game allows you to freely repeat the completed stages, e.g. to obtain missed collectibles.

Trek to Yomi: Trophies and platinum

Trek to Yomi has a platinum trophy, but only on the PS4 and PS5. In our trophy guide, you will find descriptions of all available achievements, thanks to which you will be able to unlock 100% of them.

Trek to Yomi: Game's length

Trek to Yomi is a shorter game and your first playthrough should take you several hours to complete. The play time may be extended by searching for secrets and collectibles. You can also play on higher difficulty levels where almost every confrontation can be quite a challenge. For more information on how long Trek to Yomi takes to complete, see the Game's length page.

Trek to Yomi: Minimum PC system requirements

  1. Operating system: Windows 10/11 64-bits
  2. Processor: Intel Core i5-8250U/AMD Phenom II X4 965
  3. RAM: 8 GB
  4. Graphics card: GeForce MX150 2 GB/Radeon R7 260X 2 GB
  5. Disk space: around 11 GB

More information about the minimum and recommended requirements, as well as the available graphics settings, can be found on a separate page - System requirements.

Trek to Yomi: Language versions

Trek to Yomi has several languages available, but only with localized text. A unique feature of the game is that it only has Japanese dubbing , which helps to build the right atmosphere of the game. The full list of available languages for subtitles can be found on the Language versions page.

About Trek to Yomi Guide

Author : Jacek "Stranger" Halas for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

last update :

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Trek to Yomi Video Game

  • genre: Action

  • developer: Leonard Menchiari
  • publisher: Devolver Digital
  • platform: PC, PS4, XONE, PS5, XSX

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