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Void Bastards Guide and Tips by

Void Bastards Guide and Tips

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Unique places and objects on the nebula map of Void Bastards Void Bastards guide, tips

Last update: 13 June 2019

On this page of the guide to Void Bastards, you will find a table with a list of unique places and objects that you can encounter while traveling through the nebula. The second column contains a general description of each location. This section can also contain our comments about a specific place.

LOCATION OR OBJECT - Unique places and objects on the nebula map of Void Bastards - Tables - Void Bastards Guide and Tips
  1. We deliberately didn't take enemy ships into account - they appear in dozens of variations. You can get detailed information about each ship by simply marking it on the nebula map. You will learn about the potential loot, opponents on board and possible unique elements of the expedition (for example, the ship doesn't have power supplies). This will allow you to decide whether exploring a given ship is viable and worth the risk.
  2. In most cases, unique locations and objects occupy separate fields, that is, those on which no ship stopped. The exception is objects traveling on the galaxy map (for example, whales.) They can change their position in the next "turn".
  3. Not all objects on the nebula map should be considered as a potential possibility of obtaining new loot. Some of them may pose a threat to your ship or make you lose part of your supplies. We advise you to carefully read the descriptions of the locations in our table.



Box of Staples

After stopping on the field, you will get a random amount of Staples ammunition.

Clusterflak Surprise

After stopping on the field, you will get a random amount of Clusterflak ammunition.

Data Store

After stopping on the field, you will get a random amount of DATA crafting material.

EMP Bomb

It destroys all pirates, supply ships and waste collectors on the current nebula map. We advise you to approach the bomb only if you do not have torpedoes to defend yourself against pirates. Otherwise, it is better to approach the listed objects and fight for a unique loot.

Empty Waypoint

This is an empty field. You won't get anything from it. You will only waste fuel and food.

Food Pack

After stopping on the field, you will get a random amount of Food. We recommend that you visit these places often, as a larger supply of food will always be useful in case of serious injuries.

Fuel Cells

After stopping on the field, you will get a random amount of Fuel. Reaching these fields is highly desirable if you have trouble finding fuel on board enemy ships.

Garbage Collector

Garbage Collectors are rare. Also, these units may start running away. You can prevent this by using a Warp Key to teleport to your target or by properly piloting the ship. Once you catch the collector, you will get a random part and Mingin achievement.

Gene Twister

These objects are traveling through the galaxy - they move between adjacent fields just like pirates or whales. When you interact with a Gene Twister, you will lose one Trait and get another. In both cases, your results are completely random - you can get something good or lose a useful Trait (especially if you get a negative Trait). Stay away from Gene Twisters if you are satisfied with the current Traits and don't want to change anything.

Hungry Hermit

A hermit lives in this location. This field allows you to get a random part at the cost of food supplies. It is rarely a profitable exchange and it is best to stay away from these fields.

Junk Squid

The squid is not interested in destroying your S.T.E.V. ship. Instead, it devours locations on the nebula map. This can cost you an opportunity to visit a location with some unique loot. If you don't want to miss the chance to explore an enemy ship, use Warp Key. This will allow you to "teleport" to it before the squid gets there.


These are merchant ships that are repeatedly found while traveling through the nebula. On each of them, you can buy new products (food, fuel, ammunition, etc.) and sell unnecessary things.

Medical Waste

After stopping on the field you will receive a random amount of BIO crafting material.

Merits Prize

Stop on this field to get a random amount of credits (Merits). These locations are especially useful when you have spent all the credits or have a very limited amount.

NUC Mine

This mine is a threat to the main character. Stopping on this field will deplete a random number of health points.


Space Pirates are a threat. They might come after you. If their ship is not destroyed, they will appear during the exploration of the next ship. Besides that, you will also have to destroy their blockade. You can destroy a pirate ship with a torpedo or you can try to escape from them by traveling to distant fields.

Plaz Package

After stopping on the field, you will get a random amount of PLAZ crafting material.

Void Whale

Whales are very dangerous. If you are in a field with a whale, your character can die and you will have to start the game from the beginning with another prisoner. The exception is the situation in which you have a torpedo that can automatically kill a whale. You can avoid a whale by traveling to distant fields or by using a Warp Key.


This is a wormhole that moves the S.T.E.V. ship to a random place on the nebula map. This action doesn't come with any additional complications, such as the risk of damaging your spacecraft.

Zap Charges

After stopping on the field, you will get a random amount of Zap Charge ammunition.

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