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News guides 15 May 2023, 15:00

author: Adam Adamczyk

How to Get Stocks in Wartales

In this guide you will learn how to get stocks in Wartales. This item comes in handy after capturing a prisoner.

Wartales is an interesting game that has been talked about a lot lately. This is not surprising, as it offers an enjoyable gameplay, based on strategy with RPG elements, a large, picturesque world and engaging clashes with enemies, and on top of that it is praised for its graphic design. In the game you can get a lot of useful items. In this guide you will learn how to obtain Stocks in Wartales.

How to get stocks in Wartales

How to Get Stocks in Wartales - picture #1

To come into possession of the aforementioned item, you need to go to the region of Vertuza and buy the blueprint in the prison for 100 gold pieces. Then you need to open the inventory and use the blueprint, adding it the list of learned recipes. Now all you have to do is use the workshop in the camp and craft the stocks. For this you will need the following materials:

  1. 5x iron ore,
  2. 9x wood,
  3. 2x chains.

Note that in order to be able to create this item, it is necessary to have a character with the Tinkerer profession.

Stocks in Wartales

One of the more interesting mechanics in Wartales is the ability to capture prisoners, which we wrote about here. Stocks are a very useful items, as they make sure that the shackled character will not escape from the camp while resting.

Wartalales – Interactive Map and Guide

We have written a guide. You can find here useful information about various mechanics. However, what is more, we have prepared a map. You can check it here.

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