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News guides 15 May 2023, 16:08

author: Agnes Adamus

Everything About Antiquity Items in Wartales

When exploring the tombs in Wartales you may come across Antiquity items. In this guide you will learn what you can do with them.

Wartales, a game that combines elements of strategy and RPG, has recently left early access. This means that players can finally enjoy the completed title. If you are just beginning your adventure with this strategy game, you are probably wondering what Antiquity items are and what you can do with them. In this guide you will find the answer.

Wartales - what are Antiquities?

Antiquities are items that you will find while exploring tombs. When you come across one of them, you can take it to the camp - where you can examine it. To do so, however, you must have a Lectern (to unlock it you need to reach level two in the Mysteries and Wisdom path) and a character with the Scholar profession.

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Antiquities come in a bunch of different colors, defining what you can do with the item. If you come across a purple item, you will get a new weapon after examining it. In case you found another shade, the item in question can only be sold. Of course, you must first examine it. So it is easy to deduce that in most cases antiquities items are used to make money.

Wartales – guide and interactive map

We warmly encourage you to read our guide. There you will find information that will make it easier for you to play Wartales. Among other things, you'll find out what character classes appear in the game and how the exploration mode looks like.

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However, it is not all. We have prepared also an interactive map. You should look at it, if you want to learn more about the world.

Agnes Adamus

Agnes Adamus

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