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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Guide

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Xenoblade 3: Gems Xenoblade Chronicles 3 guide, tips

Here you will read about the best Gems in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. This guide page explains how to create Gems and when they will be unlocked. We also provide a list of the best Gems.

Last update: 19 September 2022

Gems in Xenoblade 3 give your team beneficial boosts during combat. On this page of the guide, you will learn how to create Gems and when gem crafting will be unlocked.

How to craft Gems?

Gems will be unlocked as you progress through Chapter 2. From now on, you will be able to craft them in all Rest Spots. You will need various items and a certain number of Ether Cylinders to craft Gems. You can also pay with golden Nopon Coins if you don't have the required items.

Each Gem has 10 levels, you can choose its rank immediately while crafting it by pressing L or R - Xenoblade 3: Gems - Basics - Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Guide

Each Gem has 10 levels, you can choose its rank immediately while crafting it by pressing L or R. The higher the level, the more items or golden Nopon Coins you will need to craft it.

It is worth noting that once a Gem is created, every person in the team can equip it. Hence, you don't have to worry about gathering more items if you want to use the same Gem for several characters.

Gems are divided into four buff categories:

  1. Defense;
  2. Attack;
  3. Health;
  4. and General .

Best Gems

Best Gems for Attackers:

  1. Steady Striker - improves the attack speed and speeds up abilities recharge.
  2. Analyze Weakness - increases critical damage;
  3. Steelcleaver - adds an attack buff.

Best Gems for Defenders:

  1. Tailwind - increases agility, thanks to which Defenders will be able to avoid attacks more efficiently;
  2. Brimming Spirit - boosts Aggro generated when using the ability;
  3. Steel Protection - increases the chance of blocking an attack;
  4. Ironclad - increases the number of health points.

Best Gems for Healers:

  1. Lifebearer - increases the amount of health regenerated. The perfect Gem for any Healer;
  2. Refined Blessing - increases the duration of applied buffs;
  3. Swelling Blessing - increases the power of applied buffs;
  4. Lifesaving Expertise - increases the speed of resurrection and healing.
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