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Command & Conquer: Red Alert - The Dawn of the Tiberium Age v.11.1.0 with movies (standalone) - Full game - Download

Download for free and play full version of Command & Conquer: Red Alert , a(n) strategy game, The Dawn of the Tiberium Age v.11.1.0 with movies (standalone) , for PCs and laptops with Windows systems. Free and legal download. Enjoy!

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last updateWednesday, December 6, 2023

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The Dawn of the Tiberium Age is a free game by Dawn of the Tiberium Age Staff.


Dawn of the Tiberium Age (DTA) is a stand-alone mod that combines Tiberian Dawn (C&C 95) and Red Alert using the Tiberian Sun engine. The project's aim is to allow people to both play and mod TD and RA, while having all of the benefits of the TS engine.

All 4 factions (GDI, Nod, Allies, and Soviet) of the original games are included and can simultaneously battle one another on over 100 original multiplayer maps. This can be done either in classic mode (which matches the balance of TD and RA1 as closely as possible) or enhanced mode (which adds many new features and competitive balance improvements).

DTA also features dozens of challenging, unique singleplayer missions as well as co-op missions that can be easily played over the community-driven CnCNet online service.

Since this is a stand-alone mod, you don't require anything but the mod itself to be able to play: the original game is not required.

  • Last update: Wednesday, December 6, 2023
  • Genre: Strategy
  • File size: 331.8 MB
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