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BattleTech - Galaxy At War v.1.8 - Game mod - Download

The file Galaxy At War v.1.8 is a modification for BattleTech, a(n) strategy game. Download for free.

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last updateMonday, July 22, 2019


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Galaxy At War is a mod for BattleTech, created by donZappo and gnivler


In Galaxy at War, the Great Houses of the Inner Sphere will not simply wait for a wedding invitation to show their disdain for each other. To that end, war will break out as petty bickering turns into all out conflict. Your reputation with the factions is key - the more they like you, the more they'll bring you to the front lines and the greater the rewards. Perhaps an enterprising mercenary could make their fortune changing the tides of battle and helping a faction dominate the Inner Sphere.

NOTE: Career Mode Only!

New features in Galaxy at War:

Each planet generates Attack Resources and Defensive Resources that they will be constantly spending to spread their influence and protect their own systems.

Planetary Resources and Faction Influence can be seen on the Star Map by hovering over any system.

Successfully completing missions will swing the influence towards the Faction granting the contract.

Target Acquisition Missions & Attack and Defend Missions will give a permanent bonus to the winning faction's Attack Resources and a permanent deduction to the losing faction's Defensive Resources.

If you accept a travel contract the Faction will blockade the system for 30 days. A bonus will be granted for every mission you complete within that system during that time.

Pirates are active and will reduce Resources in a system. High Pirate activity will be highlighted in red.

Sumire will flag the systems in purple on the Star Map that are the most valuable local targets.

Sumire will also highlight systems in yellow that have changed ownership during the previous month.

Hitting Control-R will bring up a summary of the Faction's relationships and their overall war status.

Shift-Click an item in the timeline to accelerate time until that item is reached.

Mod Installation:

Copy the SalvageOperations folder into your BATTLETECH\Mods directory.

Requires ModTek?.

Report problems with download to [email protected]

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