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Heroes of Might and Magic IV - Heroes IV Ultimate (H4 Ultimate) 1.1 pre-release - Game mod - Download

The file Heroes IV Ultimate (H4 Ultimate) 1.1 pre-release is a modification for Heroes of Might and Magic IV, a(n) strategy game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

file size113.1 MB


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last updateWednesday, June 23, 2021

Free download

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Heroes IV Ultimate (H4 Ultimate) is a mod for Heroes of Might & Magic IV, created by  Nimostar.


See the new era come to begin. A "remastered" version of Heroes of Might and Magic 4, with better balance, more creatures abilities, HD wrapper, new objects, customized campaign editor, improved magic, unlocked spells, and much, much more!


- Full HD and widescreen support: Incorporation of the HD Wrapper, with edited fullscreen remastered menues and altered, brilliant buttons.

- Contrast-enhanced, color-corrected: A darker, more moody Heroes IV experience, fully reconfigurable from the menues.

- Relive campaigns like never before: Remastered campaigns with better ambience, added secrets, enabled previously unfinished events, story and features.

- Rediscover creatures: Thanks to the creature plugin, all creatures have abilities overhauled, with up to four abilities each. Discover the blocking Nagas, reevaluate tier 1 creatures such as double-hacking dwarves, and ambush your enemies in the woods with Stealth elves!

- Completely stable: Reliance on modern DLL methods and not hex hacking of the executable permits much less crashes. Enjoy hours of uninterrupted gameplay and worry not about your actions!

- No false positives: Unlike Equilibris 3.55 hacks, this doesn't trigger antiviruses warnings. Play with the security of knowing nothing fishy is going on.

- Incorporated objects: All map objects in the pack and both Equlibris versions have been added and are load-compatible. In addition, several completely new objects have been added just for this mod.

- Improved terrain: Fractal landscaping allows hybrid terrains for more lush and interesting sights, both in adventure and combat maps.

- Re-slotted Artifacts: Accumulate up to four tomes or scrolls in your Misc slots while you still hold Shields in your hand, upgrade your health to 200% with the Rigs of Health... but you can no longer obsolete Scouting by buying four spyglasses. After all, you can only look into one at a time ; ).

- Improved heroes: Now all hero classes come with a third skill! Use wisely the Diplomacy of Nobles, encourage the daily Summoning of your Druids, shine with the Leadership of Knights, or immediately raise hordes of undead with your actual Necromancers...

- New and Rebalanced Spells: Turned every cast-enabable pseudo-spell into a learnable spell. Rebalanced schools and gave more variety. Applied unused magic bonuses to corresponding ones. You think Banish is useless? Not any more! You can also now Freeze your opponents in Order, or obliterate your enemies with Nature lightning.

- Conserved lineups: No creature has been level-altered, town-switched, removed or substitued. Reuse the factions you know and love from default Heroes 4, with all the same levels, monsters, and classic choices; now revamped with all the new features.

Install instructions:

Just extract/copy the contents of the .rar into your Heroes IV Gold install folder. Reccommended GoG version. Launch with provided .exe („[patched]H4_Ultimate_cheats_IV.exe” for pre-release one (, “"H4_Ultimate” for proper releases).

Don’t worry about “cheats” in the name of the .exe for pre-release version. There aren’t any passive cheats added, the cheats are just for playtesting. No cheats are active by default even if you use that exe.

  • Last update: Wednesday, June 23, 2021
  • Genre: Strategy
  • File size: 113.1 MB
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