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Grand Theft Auto V - Guardian (for 1.54) - Game mod - Download

The file Guardian (for 1.54) is a modification for Grand Theft Auto V, a(n) action game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

file size10.7 MB


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last updateMonday, January 23, 2023

Free download

Report problems with download to [email protected]

Guardian is a tool for GTA 5 / Grand Theft Auto Online, created by Speyedr.


A simple firewall used in the GTA5/ GTA Online game. Allows us to control the game with it, allowing you to both play solo and play only with friends, without random people and mods to spoil our fun.

What’s great about it is that the program runs on the Windows firewall. The game files are not modified, so there is no danger of getting a nan.

This fork uses new methods to drop packets to R*-owned resources that are likely to be tunnelled game traffic, rather than let all R*-owned resources through. The only two behaviours intended to be allowed through from non-whitelisted IPs with this new model are the session "heartbeat" and any session information requests from the "matchmaking service" which provides initial connection details to clients.

By simply observing network activity when playing GTA Online, it was discovered that while all packets were encrypted, the "type" of packet can still be determined from simply checking the packet's payload size. Guardian already uses PyDivert which conveniently supports filtering on individual packets, so only a few minor modifications to the filtering rules were necessary to produce this fork which supports Online 1.54 and onwards.

when there's such a huge risk. Mod menus will exploit the hell out of this. Please just take a break.

How to install and use the mod:


To increase the chance of a successful session, it is recommended that you follow these instructions:

Run Guardian.exe as Administrator.

Load into Single Player.

Start a Solo Session with Guardian.

Load into GTA Online.

- If you want access to Public Session Freemode activites, make sure you choose Go to attempt to join a Public Session.

Once you've loaded into Online, you should now be in a Freemode Session by yourself.

- If you want to let your friends in and have added their IP addresses Lists -> Custom, stop the Solo Session and start a Whitelisted Session.

- Your session should now be secure, and your friends can join you! ??

If you don't know your friends' IPs, you'll have to stop the Solo Session and tell them to join as quick as possible.

- Note that the session is vulnerable to randoms during this time.

Once your friends are loading into your session (they've confirmed they want to join your session and are now in the clouds), start a Locked Session.

- While a session is Locked, no one will be able to join the session, but those already connecting / connected should remain.

Guardian may work in other circumstances / setups, but is less likely to produce secured sessions.


Guardian has many different kinds of sessions, each with different behaviours intended to be used under different circumstances.

The most important requirement for securing a session with Guardian is that you are the "session host". You can still use Guardian to block packets as a non-host player, but improper use of session types as a non-host will likely get you disconnected from the session.

  1. Solo Session - The strictest firewall, intended for use when you plan to only play by yourself. No one can connect to your game session, but critical R* related services and anything SocialClub related will still be let through. If you are in a session with any other player, they will lose connection to you.
  2. Whitelisted Session - Only IP addresses in your Custom list Lists -> Custom -> Add will be allowed to connect to you. If you are the host of a session, anyone not on your Custom list will likely lose connection to the session. If you are non-host and enable this type of session and another player in your game session is not on your Custom list (whether already in the session or joining some time later), you will lose connection to everyone else, as your client won't be able to communicate with that player and you do not have host privileges to keep them out of the session.
  3. Blacklisted Session - IP addresses in your Blacklist list Lists -> Blacklist -> Add will not be allowed to connect to you. If a connection is routed through R* servers, that connection will also be blocked as a security measure. This mode is not recommended as GTA V has custom routing if only a handful of IP addresses are blocked.
  4. Auto Whitelisted Session -Similar to Whitelisted Session, but everybody in the session is temporarily added to your whitelist, which means they won't be kicked. Any automatically collected IPs will be lost once the session ends, and there is (currently) no way to save them. Any connection that is believed to be a custom route (also known as a "Rockstar Tunnel") will be flagged, and you will be asked if you want to save these IPs to the temporary whitelist or not. If you do decide to save these IPs, players attempting to connect to you may be routed through these tunnels and may bypass your intended whitelist.
  5. Locked Session - This mode blocks all new connections, preventing new players from entering the game session. Anyone already in the game session remains, and this mode prevents people from entering the session through a "Rockstar Tunnel" while allowing anyone currently being tunnelled to remain in the game session. However, if a player leaves they will not be able to get back in (unless you stop the Locked Session, of course). Enabling this mode as a non-host does not drop you from a session.
  • Last update: Monday, January 23, 2023
  • Genre: Action
  • File size: 10.7 MB
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