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Biomutant Game preview

Game preview 07 May 2021, 15:08

author: Darius Matusiak

A wannabe fighter pilot, racing driver, and a spec-op; an adventurer and a space marine – hence, a gamer. I’ve been playing games since Wing Commander, and writing since Destiny.

Biomutant is a Delightfully Weird Upcoming RPG

Biomutant waited a long time for the release, but in return, it will offer a much bigger and more complex experience. The game will bring a bizarre, twisted blend, successfully mixing many different styles, genres, and influences.

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This text was based on the PC version.

Imagine a cuddly animal straight out of Kung Fu Panda movie, dressed like John Rambo and armed with a big sword carried on the back. Imagine traveling a fabulously colorful world, in which you can see the grim remnants and traces of our modern civilization. Along the way, we encounter some really bizarre creatures that Lewis Carroll would gladly have invented, had he made video games. These strange creatures can be friendly and helpful, but other times, you will have to fight them.

One of the weapons you'll use could be a walking cane welded to huge, armored safe door. The game allows you to use both melee weapons and firearms, and even gives you a backpack with a small propeller that's able to quickly and efficiently lift you off the ground. Then, amusing captions appear on the screen during combos, confirming successful pairing of blows.

Biomutant is a Delightfully Weird Upcoming RPG - picture #1
As you progress through the main story, it's easy to get carried away and explore the secrets of the Biomutant world..

Almost all characters, including the protagonist, use their own specific language in their conversations, and the game comes with a useful narrator voice, which recounts the odd events, helping the player understand them, and sometimes even has some funny remarks about our performance.

Yes... Biomutant is a bizarre game – but in the most positive sense of the word. This whole game is so intriguing! Regardless of your genre preferences, there's a specific element, a certain, very alluring quality of the upcoming game from Experiment 101.

The uniqueness comes from inspirations from different ethnic cultures. You have Asian influences as well as African ones, even my personal backstory ties in to that, as parts of my family come from north Sweden, where the Sami lived. So we did not stick to one, distinct inspiration, but many.

Stefan Ljungqvist (Art and Creative Director), Experiment 101

RPG (un)like any other

Biomutant is generally a traditional action-RPG set in an open world. There's character creation and development, a complex storyline, secret dungeons, activities, and side characters, dialogues with choices, crafting, combat, bosses and most of all – a lot of freedom in following your own path. The developers even mentioned that during the initial testing of the game, players strayed from the main path so much and for so long that it was decided to slightly modify the narrative to veer towards the main thread more.

Still, freedom and understatement will be important elements of the game. The hosts of the preview emphasized that not everything in Biomutant is clearly defined as good or evil. We'll have to deal with the main antagonist with a not entirely ominous name, Lupa-Lupin – but is he really the bad guy? All the while, we will be accompanied by an aura; a kind of karma that depends on our deeds and statements. This will have some impact on the development of the overall story and availability of certain options when interacting with characters. But whether we're moving toward the light or darkness will never be explicitly admitted.

The story of Biomutant is based on three main threads. The first one concerns the character's background, their past, and their true role in the events unfolding on the screen. The second focuses on about six tribes that we can freely ally with. Then the third one is a symbol of the story's finale, or the so-called Tree of Life. It's the epitome of the entire game world just heading towards collapse. The tree is poisoned by toxic oil, and its roots are consumed by four powerful entities – the "world eaters," or megabosses of sorts. How it all ends is supposed to depend on our choices. So it all seems kind of formulaic, familiar, and in-line with the standards, yet the crazy ideas and a specific mix of different themes really make Biomutant stand out from other post-apo games.

Biomutant is a Delightfully Weird Upcoming RPG - picture #2
It does look gorgeous.

Our estimation for a “rushed“ run-through of Biomutant is at about 12-15 hours. (...) On the other hand, one of our team-members is just giving Biomutant a go the way he usually plays games. He isn’t done yet and has about 65 hours of playtime. So it really depends on what type of player you are.

Stefan Ljungqvist (Art and Creative Director), Experiment 101

Math-defined action

The presentation mainly focused on explaining the key gameplay mechanics. So we get an RPG heavily based on action, in which, however, statistics still play an important role. At the beginning of the character creation, we choose one of the available races described by six main characteristics (strength, charisma, intellect, luck, etc.), some of which consist of several values, e.g. vitality determines the amount of health and armor.

Biomutant is a Delightfully Weird Upcoming RPG - picture #3
There's no shortage of mysteires and adventures.

All the races have different resistance to toxicity, radioactivity, bio-hazard, fire or frost. This, in turn, determines the amount of time we can be exposed to these hazardous areas, and determines if (or when) we will be able to access blocked areas to complete new quests and, of course, get better loot.

Finally, there is a class system, but it doesn't work to the same extent as in Diablo. Here, it determines the starting set of equipment and sometimes adds a perk to the character, e.g. commando (a typical warrior) starts with a rifle and deals 10% more damage; the dead eye (sniper) has the ability to instantly reload the weapon; PSI-freak is a typical wizard shooting electric bolts and regenerating kinetic energy faster.

This choice matters mainly at the very beginning, because later on, we will be able to access equipment and perks of other classes. The developers didn't want to introduce any significant constraints, but rather provide players with complete freedom and a sense of control of the character development with choices made throughout the game.

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