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Fear the Wolves Game Guide

Fear the Wolves Game Guide

If you live among wolves you have to act like a wolf. The guide for Fear the Wolves focuses on tips that will help you survive a radioactive match. Read about the anomalies, check out the best weapons and learn how to fight with wolves. We have also included the best landing spots (marked on a map).

Last update: 28 August 2018

The game guide to the beta version of Fear the Wolves focuses on the most important features of the game and helps to understand the basics of this unique battle royale clone - Fear the Wolves Game Guide

The game guide to the beta version of Fear the Wolves focuses on the most important features of the game and helps to understand the basics of this unique battle royale clone. The first part of the guide contains details about the basics of the gameplay. There, you can find the description of a match, starting tips, description of the map with the focus on the most important spots and the system of weather anomalies. The next chapter focuses on the gameplay with the emphasize on the beginning, the middle part and the ending stages of a match. The guide also contains information on the shooting mechanics, the best landing spots, how to fight with the AI controlled enemies and the description of the available vehicles. The weather anomalies and their impact on the gameplay are broadly discussed in the further part of the guide. The second-to-last chapter contains information on the system requirements and the last chapter is the FAQ section.

Starting tips for Fear the Wolves

We have gathered a lot of tips that should help you survive in the brutal world of Fear the Wolves. Although the game is based on Battle Royale concept, known from such games like PUBG and Fortnite, Fear the Wolves has a few mechanics that distinguish it from other games in this genre. In this chapter you can find the best tips that should be helpful in the beginning of the game. Here, you can learn how to start and survive in the game's world, to what you should pay attention to and what should be avoided.

  1. Fear the Wolves in a nutshell - what distinguishes the game developed by Vostok Games. Here, you can learn the basics of Battle Royale games.
  2. Starting tips - how to start and what must be done at the beginning of the game. These tips will help you survive and reach the final stage of match. Remember: besides the players, you must also face, e.g. wolves and various mutants.
  3. What you SHOULDN'T do in Fear the Wolves - another helpful chapter. Here, you can learn what you have to avoid and where you must extra careful. Behaviors from other FPP games may not work in Battle Royale titles. Be careful when you are exploring open areas, remember to close doors (you don't want your enemies to know that you are or you were inside of a particular building).

The map of Fear the Wolves

In this part you can check out the game's map. We have dedicated separate pages for the map's legend, its sectors and numerous color markings that you will come across during the game. Read this chapter if you want to know which place is the best for landing, what happens when you enter the dead zone or where to find the best loot. This chapter is constantly developed with new content so remember to check it on a regular basis.

  1. The map - description of the map, its legend and sectors (descriptions of the color markings that appear on the map).
  2. The best landing spots - chapter in progress.

The guide for the beta version of Fear the Wolves contains:

  1. Gameplay basics.
  2. Starting tips.
  3. Description of the map with the list of the most important spots and the anomaly system.
  4. Description of a match divided into stages.
  5. Description of the shooting mechanics.
  6. The best landing spots.
  7. Description of vehicles.
  8. Tips for fights against AI controlled enemies.
  9. Description of the anomaly system.
  10. System requirements.
  11. FAQ section.

About Fear the Wolves Game Guide

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Fear the Wolves Video Game

  • genre: Action

  • developer: Vostok Games
  • publisher: Focus Home Interactive
  • platform: PC, PS4, XONE

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