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Fear the Wolves Game Guide by

Fear the Wolves Game Guide

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How to fight in order to survive in Fear the Wolves? Fear the Wolves Guide and Tips

Last update: 28 August 2018

Tips regarding shooting in Fear the Wolves:


Every weapon in Fear the Wolves handles differently and finds various degrees of efficiency in different situations. Some of them are pretty easy to master, while others require more practice. As in any Battle Royale, you can employ a number of different strategies in Fear the Wolves, which will allow you to be more efficient, achieve better accuracy or improve your reflexes. Below, you can find our advice on improving your skills0.

Weapon handling

Every weapon in Fear the Wolves has recoil, which can be nullified in a number of ways. The paramount rule here is using additional grips, which improve stability. Then, you can also hold your breath right before taking a shot in order to achieve optimal accuracy (hold shift while aiming down the sights in order to do that). This technique obviously requires some time; if the fight is more direct and dynamic, you will have to keep correcting the position of the gun by pulling the crosshair downwards.

Shooting stance

Assuming the right shooting stance is just as important. You shouldn't fire while moving, if that's possible. You can significantly improve accuracy by crouching, but this constrains the mobility a bit. It seems that when the character is close to a wall, they are also able to fire more accurately.

Learn your weapons' effective ranges

In order to make sure your weapons are used effectively, you have to learn their effective ranges. Some weapons are only useful on short distance (shotguns). Others, such as rifles, are equally useful on short and long distances. If the enemy is really far away, you will have to resort to sniping weapons.

Shooting techniques

When playing Fear the Wolves you can employ a few shooting techniques that will prove to be useful in different situations:

  1. Single shots -the technique is best used over medium to long distance. It guarantees the best accuracy and allows you to bypass the recoil problem. Using this, fire a single shot - two shots tops - and then rest for a brief moment to reset the weapon position. You can then strife to either side a little and fire again.
  2. Short burst - the most popular technique, where the player fires in short bursts - 3 to 7 shots each time. The burst can be used in almost all weapons, and is best used over short to medium distance.
  3. Full auto - consists in firing in long series, often until the clip is completely empty, while constantly correcting the crosshair's position. It can only be efficient over short distance - otherwise, the loss of accuracy is too great to pose a danger to the enemy.
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