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Fear the Wolves Game Guide by

Fear the Wolves Game Guide

Table of Contents

Equipment interface in Fear the Wolves Fear the Wolves Guide and Tips

Last update: 28 August 2018

During your time in Fear the Wolves you will come across a lot of various types of armor, weapons, modifications, food, drugs and medicaments. All of that should be kept somewhere and that is why Fear of Wolves offers a rather large inventory. At first, the inventory screen may seem complicated - this chapter has descriptions of all its elements.

1 - Equipment interface in Fear the Wolves - Basics - Fear the Wolves Game Guide

1. Armor.

2. Ammo and modifications.

3. Weapons.

4. Supplies.

5. Equipment of a defeated enemy - potential loot.

1. Armor

The first section, marked in blue, has 5 slots for the following pieces of armor: mask, helmet, pants and chest protection. In the last spot you can put two different types of items:

  1. Backpack - if you want to have more inventory space, just like in the picture above (backpack level II gives 4 additional slots for ammo, 2 for modifications and 4 for supplies).
  2. Oxygen tank - if you want to survive longer in highly radiated areas.

In most of the cases an oxygen tank is more useful than a backpack because the latter doesn't improve your chance to survive. Of course, if you didn't found an oxygen tank, a backpack would be a good choice. A Roman number can be found in the upper right part of each item icon (I, II or III). This number informs you about an item's quality. I is the lowest, III is the highest.

2. Ammo and modifications

The second section, marked in green, has 4 basic slots for various types of ammo and 2 basic slots for modifications (scopes, grips, suppressors, extra magazines). Using 3 different types of firearms can quickly fill the additional slots for ammo. In the modifications section you can keep weapon attachments for those guns that you have not yet found or those that aren't currently useful but you may need them in the later part of the match.

3. Weapons

The third section, marked in yellow, has 3 slots for firearms and 1 additional slot for a melee weapon. Each of the firearm slots has 3 small additional slots for weapon modifications. Fear of Wolves has the following weapon mods:

  1. Sights.
  2. Grips that improve accuracy.
  3. Suppressors.
  4. Extra magazines.

It should be mentioned that weapon modifications aren't universal which means that they won't fit all the weapons. Some of these mods can be attached to the majority of the firearms but not to all of them.

4. Supplies

The fourth section, marked in red, is for various types of supplies: medicaments, food, drugs and grenades. During your exploration of the map you will have to use various supplies in order to keep your character alive. You should always carry something to eat and have items that can reduce the radiation. You start with 4 supplies slots.

5. Equipment of a defeated enemy - potential loot

The fifth section, marked red, shows equipment of a defeated enemy. As you can easily tell, this window is the same as yours. Thanks to that you can easily check what can be useful to you and take only necessary items.

Managing your equipment

The equipment in Fear the Wolves uses drag and drop system. Press LMB to move items between sections. For example, if you want to attach a sight to one of your weapons, you can simply select it from the modifications section and then place it in the right slot. The same goes for taking out items from a fallen enemy's inventory. Drag desired items into your equipment and that is it.

Changing equipment into a better one

During your exploration of the map you will come across better items. For example, if you found a better quality helmet or any other piece of armor, simply take it. The game will switch your old gear with the new item (old gear is dropped on the ground).

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