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Fear the Wolves Game Guide by

Fear the Wolves Game Guide

Table of Contents

Things NOT to do in Fear the Wolves Fear the Wolves Guide and Tips

Last update: 28 August 2018

This chapter contains tips on what you SHOULDN'T do in Fear the Wolves. These hints can help you survive on a battlefield. They can be especially useful to those who have just started their adventure with the game. Fear the Wolves is a Battle Royale-type game but it differs significantly from Fortnite or PUBG. Besides other players, you also have to avoid anomalies, wolves or mutants.

Don't run in open space

Running in open spaces, e.g. glades or roads makes you an easy target. Try to always find cover when you are exploring the map.

Don't make yourself vulnerable to enemy fire

Killed enemies drop their equipment. You have to make a decision - do you want to risk your life for a few items? Maybe check the area instead to make sure it's safe.

Don't jump from high heights

Falling from heights can cost you a few health points. Always try to find a safer way down.

Don't stay in areas with anomalies

Anomalies not only hinder the gameplay, they also can lead to your character's death. Avoid them at all cost.

Don't shoot without aiming

Shooting blindly will only alarm the enemies that you are nearby. Aim at your target before you shoot.

Don't forget to reload your weapon

Try to always have as many bullets in your magazine as possible. At best, reloading your weapon in the middle of a fight will cost you a few seconds and a little bit of health. At worst, this will be the end for your character.

Don't use sniper rifles at a close distance

Sniper weapons are great at long range. Switch to an assault rifle or a pistol when you have to fight at a close distance.

Don't leave open doors behind you

In Fear the Wolves, all doors are closed at the beginning of a match. Open doors inform your enemies that you might be inside of that building or that this house isn't worth searching.

Don't start a fight that you can't win

Don't attack an enemy with an assault or sniper rifle when you only have fists or a melee weapon. You have zero chances of winning this confrontation.

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