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Aima: Chronicles of Terahnoir (PC cover
Game Box forAima: Chronicles of Terahnoir (PC)

Aima: Chronicles of Terahnoir PC

Aima: Chronicles of Terahnoir is a networked walking brawl by KOG studio. There are three characters to choose from, able to transform themselves into more powerful forms. The whole is based on a free model with micropayments.

Action | fantasy | RPG elements | beat 'em up

Aima: Chronicles of Terahnoir Release Date PC


developer: KOG Studios

English language game language: English

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Aima: Chronicles of Terahnoir is a network action game that combines walking combat mechanics with MMO elements. This is the production of a Korean KOG studio known mainly from the Elsword Online project.

The action takes place in a magical dark fantasy world. The game focuses mainly on spectacular battles with crowds of standard enemies and bosses. There are three characters to choose from. The girl known as Inspector focuses on magic attacks. Like a humanoid lion, Buggane is the slowest hero, but he makes up for it with the power of blows and endurance. The third member of this trio is a human knight. Each character has his own fighting style and equipment. Each of them is also supposed to have the power to transform into a second, much more powerful form. The game allows you to play solo or in cooperative mode for up to three people.

Aima: Chronicles of Terahnoir enriches the typical RPG flair game. During adventures the heroes gain experience points, which we then use to increase their characteristics and unlock new combat techniques. The game is based on a free model with micropayments.

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Last updated on 06 May 2013

Game mode: multiplayer   Multiplayer mode: Internet  

Age restrictions Aima: Chronicles of Terahnoir: 16+

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