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Battle Isle (PC cover
Game Box forBattle Isle (PC)

Battle Isle PC

The precursor of a whole series of strategy games played in turn-based system, which over the years has gained considerable recognition of computer strategists all over the world.

Strategy | turn-based

Battle Isle Release Date PC


developer: Ubisoft Blue Byte publisher: Ubisoft Blue Byte

English language game language: English

Far beyond the ordinary, BATTLE ISLE 93 is a new and unusually challenging game that combines the excitement of a science fiction story with the innovation of the most sophisticated gameplay. Pit yourself against the computer or battle friends as you play BATTLE ISLE 93 again and again. Precision and tactical skills determine victory or defeat as you battle toward the game's surprising conclusion.

BATTLE ISLE 93 is a compelling strategy game that's comparable to chess in a number of ways. Like chess, you move a number of figures, each with different characteristics, over a playingfield with the goal of rendering your opponent powerless. This can be accomplished by either capturing your enemy's headquarters or by defeating all of the enemy figures. Despite it's overall similarity to chess, there are unique features that make BATTLE ISLE 93 very different. BATTLE ISLE 93's system of rules are considerably more flexible making it possible to begin exciting and engaging play from the very first move.

BATTLE ISLE 93 is extremely realistic, using every conceivable component of strategic war gaming. Your tasks range from building depots and repairing units to commanding troops and producing new ones...always keeping a watchful eye on your limited raw materials.

Your computer can either act as your ally in a game against a human opponent or, if you prefer, become your worst enemy. On the data disk, you'll find additional maps with new tactical challenges and exciting figures with unique characteristics.

BATTLE ISLE 93 is a strategy game that employs the art of waging war in a determined attempt to overcome your opponent. Many boardgames, chess among them, are designed to follow a few simple rules to keep the game from becoming too complex. BATTLE ISLE 93 avoids overwhelming complexity by dividing the game into basic moves and standing orders. In BATTLE ISLE 93, players can simultaneously make use of their figures since they give their troops orders that their troops carry out independently. Maneuvers that would be impossible in a board game are easily mastered in BATTLE ISLE 93. The computer puts the troops completely at your command.

Since games for two are the most fun, BATTLE ISLE 93 is designed to make true player to player play possible. BATTLE ISLE 93 is divided into command cycles so neither player is ever idle during the game. While one player moves his units, the other commands his own troops to carry out his actions. Typical actions include moving troops, attacking an enemy unit or setting up a depot. In two-player mode, each player is simultaneously in command and sees important strategic measures the other is engaged in.

Game mode: single / multiplayer  

User score: 4,4 / 10 based on 30 votes.

Age restrictions Battle Isle: 12+

Battle Isle System requirements

PC / Windows

PC / Windows

  • Recommended:
  • PC 286/16MHz
  • 1MB RAM
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