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Beastie Bay DX (Switch cover
Game Box forBeastie Bay DX (Switch)

Beastie Bay DX

Beastie Bay is an economic strategy with RPG elements. The player builds a city on a wild island, which requires the construction of buildings, the management of raw materials and taking care of the needs of the inhabitants.

Strategy | Economic | play for free | Isometric view | farm | RPG elements | crafting

Beastie Bay DX Release Date







developer: Kairosoft publisher: Kairosoft Official website

Beastie Bay, available an iOS and AND, is an economic strategy with RPG elements similar to the Pokemon series. The game is available in a free-to-play model with microtransactions and was developed by Kairosoft, the authors of such titles as Game Dev Story, Dungeon Village, Biz Builder Delux, Fish Pond Park or The Pyraplex.


The game does not have an extensive plot. We simply end up on an unknown island and our task is to investigate it, build cities and catch the creatures that inhabit it.


Beastie Bay, released on iOS and AND, combines elements traditional for economic strategies with the mechanics of RPG games focusing on collecting creatures. At the beginning of the game, we come across a wild island where we have to build a small village. Then, we take care of its development. The player's tasks include sowing grain, constructing residential buildings and providing electricity to the residents. We must look after the needs of the population and, at the same time, manage the budget properly. Over time, the village will develop into a vibrant city with airports and hotels for guests from other lands. This is where trading with neighboring islands starts to play a key role in increasing our revenue.

We also have to discover and conquer new territories. We do this by organizing expeditions. During them, we are regularly forced to fight turn-based battles. We use a team of up to three creatures. We start the game with only one creature (we can choose from a dog, a cat, and a duck) - we can catch more of them during battles. In order to do this, we must first weaken the target and then use the lure on it. This is not easy because every species has individual preferences and requires a different lure. We can then train and develop animals caught in such a way. During the game, the player collects a large collection of creatures and thus can create a team that will be able to defeat specific enemies.

Game mode: single player  

Age restrictions Beastie Bay DX: 12+

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