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Big Sky Infinity (PSV cover
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Big Sky Infinity

A classic two-dimensional space shooter, in which we control the spacecraft fighting with the predominant alien forces. All levels in the game are generated randomly and adjust their difficulty to the skill level of the player.

Arcade | Space | 2D | cross-platform | indie games | shoot 'em up | co-op | PlayStation exclusive titles

Big Sky Infinity Release Date



developer: Boss Baddie publisher: Ripstone Official website

Big Sky Infinity is a classic 2D space shooter, in which several original solutions have been introduced to enhance the fun. The title was produced by a small English independent Boss Baddie studio. The developer has released several successful projects and games, which were created with PCs in mind.

Big Sky Infinity is the first console title of the dev team, and the work on it lasted several years. Players take on the role of a spaceship pilot, who hits the very center of the armada of enemy alien forces. The vehicle, which is equipped with weapons that allows you to eliminate powerful bosses and subsequent waves of enemies. Enemies drop colorful stars used to improve our firepower and defense. It is worth mentioning that the ship also has a drill that allows you to break through planets and asteroids. Inside them there are sometimes useful power-ups and ammunition. From time to time, players will come across a special random event. These can be, for example, the appearance of a black hole or other objects that affects the environment and the behavior of various entities on the screen.

All game levels are generated randomly. The more stars we get that affect the firepower of our spacecraft, the more harder enemies will stand in our way. The controls in Big Sky Infinity are based on two analog knobs. The first one controls the movements of the ship, the second one controls the cannon and weapon placed on it. The action of the game is observed from the side, and the players constantly move to the right of the moving screen.

Developers have prepared several game modes for players. In the classic mode we have to survive as long as possible without losing our lives. In Nightmare we will face exceptionally demanding enemies from the very beginning, in Endurance we will show how long we are able to endure fighting against more and more hordes of aliens, while in Pacifism we will avoid danger by not taking a single shot. A maximum of four people can participate in the multiplayer game. Players may compare their achievements with others thanks to the online scoreboards.

The game's graphic design is minimalistic, but it marvels the player's eyes with many colors and intense lighting effects. Fast music that accompanies us during the game fulfills its purpose and fits the game. It's worth noting that the Big Sky Infinity version of PlayStation 3 and PS Vita are compatible with each other, and the games can transfer their saved game states between the platforms.

Game Mode: Single / Multiplayer. Multiplayer Mode: Internet / Split Screen. Number of Players: 1-4.

Game mode: single player  

PEGI rating Big Sky Infinity

Age rating. The PEGI rating considers the age suitability of a game, not the level of difficulty. Game contains bad language.
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