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Boom Brigade 2 (iOS cover
Game Box forBoom Brigade 2 (iOS)

Boom Brigade 2

Brigade 2 boom is a strategy game. The player's task is to defend the command centre from alien hordes. He does this by commanding a five-man unit of soldiers. Subordinates attack automatically, so you need to focus on rolling out the right routes for them.

Strategy | science fiction | RTS | tower defense

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developer: 10tons publisher: 10tons Official website

Boom Brigade 2 is a mobile battle strategy released on AND, WP and iOS. The production was developed by 10tons studio, the same developer that worked on the first part of the series released in 2009.


The action of Boom Brigade 2 takes place in the distant future. We play as a commander of a small, but a well-trained squad of soldiers who have to repel the invasion of an insectoid alien race. The plot doesn't play a major role here and is just a pretext for playing the thirty missions.


Boom Brigade 2 for AND, WP and iOS combines tower defense strategy elements with more traditional RTS solutions. Our task on each of the maps is to defend a small command center against hordes of enemies. However, we don't construct any watchtowers but command a unit composed of five soldiers. Each of them has different weapons and skills. Interestingly, we can't give them an attack command - they fire automatically at any target that comes within their sight. The whole game consists of giving movement commands in such a way that our soldiers are exactly where they should be. We do this using a touch interface that only requires us to draw routes with a finger on the screen. We can also use the active pause function and give orders without the need to be in a hurry.

It all sounds simple, but Boom Brigade 2 can be really challenging. After several introductory missions, the difficulty level begins to rise rapidly - soon we will have to deal with dozens of enemies attacking from all sides. Winning requires proper management of a handful of soldiers, efficient use of terrain obstacles and making good use of a small number of special attacks, which we receive in each battle.

The aliens are very diverse and the different species that make up the hive require different tactics. In addition, our soldiers collect experience points which we can spend to unlock new skills. We always have a few such improvements to choose from and all are useful. However, they have very different uses meaning that they have a huge impact on the battles and our strategies.

Game modes

Besides the campaign, Boom Brigade 2 also offers a survival mode, in which we try to survive as long as possible against endless waves of enemies.

Game mode: single player  

App size:

Age restrictions Boom Brigade 2: 12+

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