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Dark Envoy (PC cover
Game Box forDark Envoy (PC)

Dark Envoy

RPG game developed by Polish Event Horizon studio - authors of the warmly welcomed Tower of Time. In Dark Envoy we find ourselves in a world where magic clashes with technology; the story of the characters depends on the choices we make.

RPG | fantasy | steampunk | Isometric view | tactical | for 2 people | Polish | indie games | co-op | splitscreen | Find Your Next Game

Dark Envoy is an RPG developed by independent Polish studio Event Horizon. This is a team whose debut project was the genre-related and warmly received by players Tower of Time from 2018. The sources of inspiration for the developers were the Mass Effect, Divinity, XCOM and Dragon Age series, as well as the FTL: Faster Than Light game.


Dark Envoy takes us to a fantastic universe where magic clashes with technology and the human empire pushes the representatives of the Old Races to the margins. The main heroes of the story, Kaela and Kiros, decide to repair their parents' airship and set off on a journey across the land full of dangers.

The game's plot is non-linear, and its ending, the characters' relationships with other characters (many of whom decide to join their siblings) or even whether our protagonists survive at all (and if they do, whether they become heroes sung about in songs or cursed villains) depends on the decisions we make throughout the game.


In Dark Envoy we usually watch the action from top-down view, although we have the possibility of moving and rotating the camera. The game world has been divided into regions, between which we move on board of the ship, which is a mobile base for the heroes. In addition to the tasks pushing forward the plot, there are various side missions waiting for completion, while they are complemented by various events. The locations we visit, which include procedurally generated dungeons, change with time or as a result of our decisions.

While exploring them, we often encounter enemies, with whom we fight in real time with an active pause. During skirmishes the key to success is to show tactical sense and efficient use of skills of individual team members. As we progress, characters gain experience points and advance to subsequent levels; although there are fifteen classes to check out, the developers allow us to learn skills scattered on different "trees", thus encouraging experimentation.


The pillar of Dark Envoy is the story campaign, which can be completed solo or in the company of another player over the Internet, as part of the cooperative mode. In addition, the game features a PvP module, where we can pit our team against teams of other players.

Game mode: single / multiplayer   Multiplayer mode: Internet   Player counter: 1-2  

Expectations: 8.8 / 10 based on 139 votes.

Age restrictions Dark Envoy: 18+

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