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News video games 29 August 2023, 18:01

author: Adam Adamczyk

Dark Envoy Got New Trailer; Launch in October

Dark Envoy is an interesting RPG set in a world where technology meets magic. The developers have released a new trailer and announced the game's release date.

Dark Envoy is an isometric RPG, in which considerable emphasis must be placed on strategic thinking while in combat. The game by studio Event Horizon received a trailer, which tempts not only with eye-pleasing, stylized visuals and battles, but also with a narrative aspect.

Dark Envoy trailer promises good fun for RPG fans

In the world presented in Dark Envoy, magic is combined with technology, and this is evident from the first few seconds of the video, which shows characters with firearms, bows, or using magic. In the game you will be able to opt for one of two factions, namely the Empire and the League. It's worth noting that the game's story will depend on the choices taken by the player, so it will probably largely matter which faction we choose.

The cinematic cutscenes in Dark Envoy look very decent, the audio setting also stands at a high level, and if we add to this a lot of character progression options, that is, among other things, the distribution of points for stats, expansion of skill tree, or equipping a variety of gear, as well as fights in which we have to think, we get a mix that will certainly appeal to many RPG fans.

Dark Envoy Launch

Dark Envoy will make its debut on October 24 on PC. The game will also hit PS5, PS4, XSX, Xone and Switch consoles, but in their case a specific release date is not yet known. The title should be available on the aforementioned consoles in 2024.

Finally, it is worth noting that you can download a demo of Dark Envoy on Steam, and on Valve's platform and on GOG you will be able to add the title to your wish list.

  1. Dark Envoy na Steam
  2. Dark Envoy na GOG

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Dark Envoy

Dark Envoy