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Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers (PSV cover
Game Box forDynasty Warriors: Godseekers (PSV)

Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers

A tactical RPG which is a spin-off of a popular series of hack and slash games, developed by Omega Force. The game is set in the Three Kingdoms period, at the end of the Han dynasty's rule.

RPG | turn-based | Isometric view | tactical | China | PlayStation exclusive titles

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developer: Omega Force publisher: Koei Tecmo Official website

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Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers for PS4, PS3 and PSV is a tactical RPG developed by Omega Force. The game is a spin-off of the Dynasty Warriors series, deviating from the series’ formula in terms of both the presentation of action and the mechanics, which make a reference to Dynasty Tactics here.


The game is set in the period of Three Kingdoms, at the end of the Han dynasty's rule, when one of China's main problems was the Yellow Turban Rebellion. The plot focuses on the character of a young warrior by the name of Zhao Yun and his loyal friend Lei Bin, who has always been interested in learning. The adventure begins when the characters discover a mysterious cave – in there; they find a young woman frozen into a brick of ice. The girl returns to life when rebels who have followed the characters launch an attack on them.

This is how the game begins, and the girl's name is Lixia – she will accompany Zhao Yun and Lei Bin. The characters are faced with the necessity to travel around the country; not only will they meet different heroes on their path, but also gradually become heroes themselves. At the end of this long and curvy road, the characters will have to fight a battle, which will their opportunity to make history.


Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers for PS4, PS3 and PSV is played from an isometric view. Turn-based encounters against enemies constitute the core of the experience – those are accompanied by spectacular animations. Apart from being in possession of sufficiently powerful weapons, and managing one's characters appropriately on the tactical map, one needs to apply an adequate kind of attack in order to succeed in the game. If the player manages to launch a series of effective strikes, a meter fills up, that is, the Resonance Gauge – when it is filled, each of the team members receives an attack power boost.

The game brings a large set of melee weapons – those can be acquired through trade or completing special assignments. Each of the in-game weapons was given unique attributes and effects. Furthermore, the weapons can be modified to improve their efficiency in battle – they can also be recycled in order to transfer their features into other tools of death.

Alongside progression, the characters acquire skill points, which allow the player to improve their stats or buy new abilities, both active and passive. It is worth adding here, that the points can be acquired both through achieving subsequent victories, and during story sequences – the Path of Destiny module gives an opportunity to have conversations with the team members – also, this gives access to hidden storylines.

Technical aspects

Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers for PS4, PS3 and PSV offers decent, three-dimensional visuals. Different effects visible accompany fighting here mainly when animations at the end of a special attack are displayed. Despite all of this, the game is noticeably lagging behind the series' main installments (focused on dynamic action) when it comes down to the graphical quality.

Last updated on 13 February 2017

Game mode: single player  

User score: 0,2 / 10 based on 4 votes.

Age restrictions Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers: Good for all ages.

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