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Eitr (PS4 cover
Game Box forEitr (PS4)


Eitr is an action-RPG based on the Norse mythology. It's the first game developed by the British studio Eneme Entertainment. Game's plot focuses on Yggdrasil, the world tree, that connects all of the nine worlds.

RPG | fantasy | hack'and'slash | Isometric view | Norse mythology | action RPG | soulslike

Eitr for PC and PS4 is an action-RPG based on the Norse mythology. It’s the first game developed by the British studio ENeme Entertainment.

The Plot

The game’s plot focuses on one of the Norse mythology’s most important elements, the gigantic tree Yggdrasill that connects all of the nine worlds. It was infected with the titular Eitr, a black substance that posions everything it touches. The infection of the world tree spreads the plague all around the nine realms. We play as the redheaded female warrior, a shieldmaiden, who tries to stop the incoming darkness. Her destiny, like all of the mortals, was to be determined by three sisters known as Norns, who weave the threads of human life. However, our shieldmaiden’s destiny was contaminated with the trickster god Loki who pured a drop of Eitr on her thread of life. By doing so, he gave her access to powerful abilities that may help her on her quest.


Eitr for PC and PS4 is your typical action-RPG. Most of their time, players will spend on exploring the game’s world, eliminating hordes of enemies, gathering treasures, and leveling up their hero. The game uses complex combat mechanics. It will require the players to be more engaged in combat than in other hack’n’slash games. Here, they will have to perfectly time their attacks, blocks, and dodges. Positioning also plays an important role when in battle. Using the protagonist’s special abilities and doing attack combos increases the damage done. All of this makes combat in Eitr more like in action games than in your typical Diablo clone. Simply said, combat is not that fast-paced and players will have to think thorugh every action they make.

Technical Aspects

Eitr for PC and PS4 has eye-pleasing visuals. Developers combined the retro pixelart style with modern viasual effects and animations. Players will visit numerous locations known from the Norse mythology during their adventures.

Game mode: single player  

Expectations: 7.6 / 10 based on 52 votes.

Age restrictions Eitr: 12+

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