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Game Box for Fantasian (iOS)

Fantasian iOS

Fantasian is a jRPG from the developer of the Final Fantasy series and his studio Mistwalker. We explore a 3D world consisting of over 150 hand-made dioramas and take part in turn-based battles.

RPG | fantasy | science fiction | turn-based | episodic | jRPG

Apple iOS
Fantasian cover

developer: Mistwalker

publisher: Mistwalker

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Game mode: single player

English language game language: English

game release date for iOS:


Fantasian is a jRPG developed by Hironobu Sakaguchi, the father of Final Fantasy series. The designer not only created the concept for the original game from 1987, but also worked on several other instalments of the series, including Final Fantasy XII. Fantasian was developed by Mistwalker studio, which previously delivered such games as Blue Dragon and Terra series.


The action of Fantasian takes place in a world consisting of many dimensions and - like in many Final Fantasy games - combines fantasy style with advanced technology. The game's protagonist is Leo, who at the start of the game wakes up with amnesia after surviving a mysterious explosion. His only memory is of a young woman, but this too is extremely unclear. So begins Leo's adventure, which will lead him through many unusual dimensions.

Mistwalker has opted for an unusual narrative method in the form of the Memory system. As in many games, we learn a large part of the story through notes, diaries and memories. However, they are not just collections of texts, but smaller novels, differing in the appearance of locations and soundtrack.


Fundamentally, Fantasian is almost a classic representative of jRPGs similar to Final Fantasy. The action is observed from top-down view, and the hero we lead and his companions visit cities and dungeons, whether following the main plot thread or performing side quests. In each of these places we find NPCs who will share their knowledge of the world or useful items. However, beware of the omnipresent enemies, including bosses.

Battles are played out in turn-based mode, with Fantasian making use of several innovative mechanics. If we are involved in a random skirmish with a previously defeated type of enemy, the game will allow us to transport them to a special dimension to face them later. This allows us to explore locations uninterrupted and deal with all enemies at once after the exploration is complete.

Another element absent in most jRPGs are skills that require aiming. If we manage to properly curve the trajectory of a projectile, we'll hit several enemies at once, and the game will reward us for this with bonuses (for example, extra damage). This encourages experimentation beyond the various menu options.

Technical aspects

Fantasian also stands out from the crowd thanks to its audiovisual setting. The game world consists of over 150 dioramas, which were created as real, hand-made models. These were designed by Japanese special effects specialists who have worked on series such as Godzilla, Attack on Titan or Ultraman. The objects created in this way were transformed into 3D models, which were then transferred to the game engine. This resulted in a unique look for Fantasian, offering a great deal of variety in the style and sound of many of the locations. The graphics, like many jRPGs, are reminiscent of anime, but the game is closer to titles like Trials of Mana than to the more realistic newer installments of the Final Fantasy series.

The soundtrack isn't as revolutionary, but even in this respect Fantasian stands out from the competition. Hironobu Sakaguchi managed to engage Nobuo Uematsu, the legendary Japanese composer known for his work on Final Fantasy series, Terra series, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Granblue Fantasy. The two artists have collaborated many times, and Uematsu's music ranks among the most recognisable in video game history.

As Fantasian was developed with mobile devices in mind, the controls are touchscreen based.

Age Rating

age requirements: 12+

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