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Force of Nature 2: Ghost Keeper (PC cover
Game Box forForce of Nature 2: Ghost Keeper (PC)

Force of Nature 2: Ghost Keeper PC

A hybrid of an action RPG and a survival game, enriched with strategic elements, which focuses on an extensive crafting system. In Force of Nature 2: Ghost Keeper we find ourselves in a fantastic land where we fight for survival, trying to restore its former balance.

RPG | fantasy | sandbox | farm | survival | adventure elements | indie games | crafting | action RPG

Force of Nature 2: Ghost Keeper Release Date PC


developer: A.Y.std publisher: A.Y.std

English language game language: English

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Force of Nature 2: Ghost Keeper is an action RPG survival game, enriched with strategic elements. The game was developed by the A.Y.std team and is a sequel to Force of Nature, released in December 2016.


Force of Nature 2: Ghost Keeper takes us on a journey to a fantastic world, where balance was provided by the title stone - a force of nature - created by ancient deities. When the stone was destroyed, peace and harmony, which ruled this land, were gone. In the course of the game we play as the protagonist, who must restore the old order in this place and find a way back home. It won't be easy, because he's facing a truly murderous crossing, during which he'll have to fight a tough battle for survival. Which of the two endings of the story we see here depends on our actions.


In Force of Nature 2: Ghost Keeper the action is shown from a top-down view. The game takes place on vast procedurally generated maps, between which we move by means of special portals. We can visit both the open air (we are talking about almost paradise beach, snowy peaks and sunburnt desert) and the deep underground.

Exploring the land, we perform various missions and gather various resources. Resources acquired along the way are needed to craft better and better equipment (including weapons and clothing), as well as to build various structures (such as houses, where we can hide). In addition, during the game we have to deal with cultivating the land (the game even allows us to cross different plants with each other) and breeding animals. We must also take care of supplies of water and food for our character.

In all this we are often disturbed by enemies. Clashes with them are dynamic, and during them we can use both cold and long-range weapons, as well as magic. On our way there are usually serial adversaries, but from time to time we have to fight much more difficult fights with bosses. As we progress we develop the hero, which allows us to face more and more challenges.

Technical aspects

The graphics of Force of Nature 2: Ghost Keeper is average at best.

Game mode: single player  

Age restrictions Force of Nature 2: Ghost Keeper: 12+

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