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GrimGrimoire OnceMore (Switch cover
Game Box forGrimGrimoire OnceMore (Switch)

GrimGrimoire OnceMore

Remastered version of the 2007 RTS. In GrimGrimoire OnceMore we play as Lillet, who is stuck in a time loop. To get out of it, the girl must find a way to repel the attack of archmage Calvaros, who raided her school of magic.

Strategy | fantasy | RTS | 2D | reeditions/remasters/remakes | side-scroll

GrimGrimoire OnceMore Release Date


PS4 Switch

developer: Vanillaware publisher: Nippon Ichi Soft.

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GrimGrimoire OnceMore is the remastered and enhanced version of the RTS released in 2007 under the title GrimGrimoire. It was developed by the authors of the original game, Vanillaware studio.


GrimGrimoire OnceMore takes us on a journey to a fantastic world. There is a famous school of magic - Tower of Silver Star - founded by the legendary Gammel Dore. This great wizard in the past was famous for defeating the evil archmage - Calvaros - who wanted the philosopher's stone for himself.

The main character of the game is a young magic apprentice named Lillet. Five days into her studies in the tower, when she has already begun to get used to the place, the teachers and the other students, the school is unexpectedly invaded by the spirit of Calvaros himself and his henchmen. Everyone died in the attack except Lillet, who was unexpectedly transported back in time to her first day there. The girl has been trapped in a kind of loop, and in order to get out of it, she must do everything to repel the archmage's attack and defend the place from falling.

Game mechanics

The gameplay in GrimGrimoire OnceMore is based on two pillars, the first of which is following the story. By having conversations with teachers and other students, we gradually uncover the secrets of the school and the reasons why Calvaros decided to return and attack, and look for a way to repel the invasion.

The second pillar of the game, much more complex in terms of mechanics, are the battles with enemies. We watch them from the side, from the camera that presents a cross-section of the tower's floors, connected by stairs. To the battles, which take place in real time, Lillet sends units summoned from special runes, representing specific schools of magic: enchantment, alchemy, necromancy or sorcery. Like in the game of paper, stone, and scissors, each school is effective against selected types of enemies and susceptible to attacks from enemies of a different type. Additionally, the units we summon are divided into two types: Substance and Astral. While the first one is immune to magic attacks, but physical attacks are able to seriously hurt him, the second is his complete opposite.

Against the background of the original, this game stands out thanks to the Great Magic system, which allows you to use powerful spells that can change the fate of many battles. Keep in mind, however, that Lillet has a limited number of such spells. In addition, the game has implemented a system of tasks (functioning in addition to the standard conditions of victory), the completion of which provides us with coins that allow us to unlock various upgrades for individual units. In addition, the authors have placed in the described production the possibility of scrolling the battles and story segments, as well as allowing us to save the game state during battles. The last addition is a gallery, in which we will find more than 90 illustrations from the game.

Technical aspects

Graphics in GrimGrimoire OnceMore is in a colorful, manga style. It has been refreshed in relation to the original - its resolution has been increased and it has been adjusted to widescreen displays.

Game mode: single player  

Age restrictions GrimGrimoire OnceMore: 12+

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