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Heroes Chronicles: Collector's Edition (PC cover
Game Box forHeroes Chronicles: Collector's Edition (PC)

Heroes Chronicles: Collector's Edition PC

The set of four episodes (out of a total of eight) of Heroes Chronicles - a side mini-series of turn-based strategies in fantasy reality, based on the mechanics of the cult Heroes of Might and Magic III.

Strategy | fantasy | turn-based | RPG elements | 2D | package

Heroes Chronicles: Collector's Edition Release Date PC


developer: New World Computing publisher: Ubisoft

English language game language: English

Heroes Chronicles: Anthology is a set of games released on PC platform belonging to a series of turn-based strategies set in a fantasy world, based on the slightly reduced mechanics of the cult Heroes of Might and Magic III. However, we are not dealing here with a complete edition, because this version includes only four out of the eight games from the series. The creators of popular Heroes from New World Computing studio in California are responsible for its creation.


Heroes Chronicles miniseries tells the story of the immortal hero named Tarnum, who seeks redemption for his earthly deeds, fighting evil in the hope of gaining the favor of the gods. In Conquest of the Underworld, after years of suffering and enslavement experienced by his people, our protagonist calls armies in the fortresses to set off against the tyrants. Marching through successive lands, he repeats - and even surpasses - the actions of the legendary king of barbarians, considered to be the first conqueror of usurpers. In Masters of the Elements, Tarnum, the immortal hero, turns out to be the only one able to protect the world from the greedy claws of the mighty and bloodthirsty ruler Mutare, who, together with her army of dragons, was able to annihilate the combined armies of elves.

In the episode titled Clash of the Dragons, we witnessed the rebirth of the Master of the Elements, who after ten thousand years of enslavement threw down chains and set off to war. To stop the impending chaos, Tarnum must overcome his repulsion to magic and learn the spells, and then travel through a series of dangerous locations, gradually conquering all dimensions of the elements. In Warriors of the Wastelands, while traveling through the dark and tangled labyrinths of the Underworld, our protagonist tries to confront the armies of demons who have kidnapped the soul of Queen Allison's father from Paradise, and now also want to possess Tarnum and his immortal soul.


In terms of the overall gameplay, Heroes Chronicles series doesn't differ significantly from the Heroes of Might and Magic series. We are still dealing with a classic turn-based strategy in a fantasy world, in which our protagonist develops his territory, expanding castles and gathering armies to lead them, together with other heroes, against various enemies. The gameplay mechanics, however, has been significantly simplified, making the series much more suitable for less skilled players, offering a series of relatively short mini-campaigns with little difficulty. Individual parts of Heroes Chronicles can be treated as additional campaigns. However, they were released in the form of stand-alone games, which don't require the third part of the saga to work.

Game modes

In addition to simplifying the mechanics in relation to the fully-fledged parts of the Heroes of Might and Magic series, Heroes Chronicles miniseries also offers less gameplay modes. In particular episodes, we can only play the campaigns prepared by the creators - we have no options to play or create custom scenarios. The game no multiplayer modes.

Last updated on 06 February 2017

Game mode: single player  

Age restrictions Heroes Chronicles: Collector's Edition: Good for all ages.

Heroes Chronicles: Collector's Edition System requirements

PC / Windows

PC / Windows

  • Minimum:
  • Intel Pentium 133 MHz
  • 32 MB RAM
  • 230 MB HDD
  • Windows 95/98/Me/NT/XP
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