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Men of War II news and interesting facts

Men of War 2 Devs Drop Last-minute Offensive and Delay Release Far Into the Future

Adrian Werner, 10 September 2023, 20:54

Men of War II has suffered a major delay. Best Way has announced that the game will not be released until 2024.

Men of War 2 Final Beta Sign-ups Begin

Christian Pieniazek, 28 July 2023, 13:30

The release of Men of War II is fast approaching. Nevertheless, the developers still have time to conduct its final beta tests, for which you can sign up on Steam.

Men of War 2 Release Date; Could be a Good Break From CoH3

Hubert Sledziewski, 23 June 2023, 00:32

We've learned the release date for Men of War 2. The highly anticipated RTS will enrich the fall.

Men of War 2 With More Testing; Devs Provided Details

Kamil Kleszyk, 14 April 2023, 14:40

Real-time strategy enthusiasts should mark the date of May 11 in their calendars. This is because on that day the next beta of Men of War II will start. We have learned the details.

Men of War 2 Open Beta Launches

Adam Celarek, 24 March 2023, 17:15

Open testing of Man of War 2 - a historical real-time strategy game - has started. Best Way has prepared a new trailer for the occasion.

Men of War 2 System Requirements Revealed

Adrian Werner, 24 November 2021, 12:07

Best Way and 1C Entertainment have revealed the system requirements for Men of War 2 PC.

Men of War 2 Revealed; Will Offer Better AI and Visuals

Darius Matusiak, 24 November 2021, 10:08

The iconic RTS game Men of War returns in a completely new version. The creators from Best Way have announced an emphasis on fresh and improved gameplay mechanics, historical fidelity and a spectacular visuals. And the release is not far away.