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Game Box for Minecraft Earth (AND)

Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth is the mobile spin-off of the popular Minecraft, containing the key mechanics of the original gameplay, but bringing action to the real world through augmented reality technology.

Adventure | play for free | sandbox | augmented reality | multiplayer | co-op | crafting

Minecraft Earth cover

developer: Mojang AB

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Game mode: single / multiplayer

Multiplayer mode: Internet

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Minecraft Earth is the augmented reality spin-off of the highly popular Minecraft. Microsoft is fully responsible for the production. The title was announced in May 2019 and is one of the projects prepared for the tenth anniversary of the original Minecraft. The game, running on iOS and Android devices, is free-to-play and uses advanced augmented reality technology, the processing power of Azure servers, and the experience that developers have gained during the development of Microsoft HoloLens AR glasses.


Minecraft Earth is an adaptation of the classic Minecraft and offers only a part of its functionality: a system of fighting, crafting, equipment, gathering resources, as well as a way of interaction with the game world. The title continues to use the camera of our phone, overlapping 3D game elements on the video image.

The main attraction of the title is the construction mode, in which we can create our own constructions or large projects together with other players in our immediate vicinity. We have at our disposal construction boards of various sizes, unlocked along with the progress of the game. The constructions submitted by us after being accepted by the game can be placed in a real environment as monuments seen by all players.

In order to get the components necessary for building, we must, however, go into the world. Like Pokemon GO, the title encourages users to take long walks in the open air. On our way we will come across randomly generated containers with little material to start the dream construction. We will also obtain materials in specific and predetermined places. In urban parks we can, for example, start cutting down trees, and at water reservoirs we can cast a rod and catch fish. Developers use the OpenStreetMap map website, which is developed and updated by users. All hot zones with resources are manually placed by manufacturers to prevent controversial situations and accidents known to Pokemon GO owners.

Minecraft Earth also offers dynamically generated missions, known as "adventures". Making them allows us to quickly gain new levels of experience of our hero and obtain necessary building materials. The objectives of the tasks are varied, but to a large extent they boil down to the elimination of mine-rafts monsters in a way known from the original game. However, it is important to note that many people can participate at the same time - they must, of course, gather in one place in the real world when participating in the adventure.

Game modes

Minecraft Earth allows you to have fun on your own, but its biggest attraction is the wide range of cooperative gameplay possibilities. The impression is that in real time players can see each other in the virtual world and interact with each other, e.g. fighting the same creature, sharing healing potions or collecting materials in a building mode. Players can also share their saved designs and modify them with the owner's consent.

Technical aspects

Minecraft Earth utilizes the computational power of Microsoft Azure servers, as well as the rich experience of developers in developing HoloLens glasses. Special algorithms and geostationary data collected from players (GPS information, video recordings and photos) make that regardless of the camera in the phone, three-dimensional objects of the game do not "fly around the screen", but give the impression of static and solid buildings e.g. in a busy street.

Minecraft Earth Guide
Minecraft Earth Guide

game guide 06 November 2019

The Minecraft Earth Guide is a compendium of knowledge about this unique game from the Minecraft universe. From our publication you will learn how to play, build and craftnew items, on which phones you can run the game and how to play safely.

Minecraft Earth Announced - Microsoft Challenges Pokemon GO
Minecraft Earth Announced - Microsoft Challenges Pokemon GO

news 18 May 2019 00:27

Microsoft throws down the glove to Pokemon GO, announcing a new mobile production based on the hit Minecraft. Minecraft Earth will take advantage of augmented reality technology to enable shared adventures and building for people from all over the world.

Minecraft Earth Shown at Apple's WWDC19 Conference
Minecraft Earth Shown at Apple's WWDC19 Conference

news 04 June 2019 13:25

Developers at Mojang used Apple WWDC19 as the opportunity to present Minecraft Earth, a Minecraft spin-off that uses augmented reality technology.

MINECON 2019 - Novelties in Available and Upcoming Minecraft Titles
MINECON 2019 - Novelties in Available and Upcoming Minecraft Titles

news 28 September 2019 23:25

The MINECON 2019 event revealed plans for further development of Minecraft, showed a new trailer for Minecraft Dungeons and announced the early access of the mobile Minecraft Earth.

Minecraft Earth Launches in Early Access
Minecraft Earth Launches in Early Access

news 14 November 2019 11:44

Minecraft Earth, the mobile spin-off of Mojang AB's hit, was released this week in early access. The augmented reality game is currently only available in ten selected countries.

Minecraft Dungeons Release Date and Special Event in Minecraft Earth
Minecraft Dungeons Release Date and Special Event in Minecraft Earth

news 14 November 2019 22:44

Minecraft Earth and Minecraft: Dungeons received their „five minutes” on this year's X019. For fans of the former, there is a special event, while the players waiting for the latter can mark the month of its release in the calendar.

Minecraft Earth - First Gameplay Impressions From XO19
Minecraft Earth - First Gameplay Impressions From XO19

news 18 November 2019 11:41

We visited London to attend Microsoft's XO19 event so we could play and talk to people from Mojang about the upcoming Minecraft Earth. What is this game really like and when can we count on the introduction of early access in rest of the world?

Minecraft Earth is a Big Success
Minecraft Earth is a Big Success

news 22 November 2019 13:14

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the release of its work, Mojang is releasing another mobile installment of the popular series. Minecraft Earth is a game based on augmented reality. Last week the application was unlocked throughout the United States.

Global Launch of Minecraft Earth Early Access on Android and iOS
Global Launch of Minecraft Earth Early Access on Android and iOS

news 13 December 2019 14:45

Minecraft Earth app is now available all around the world on Android and iOS mobile systems. Like Pokemon GO, the game uses augmented reality technology. However, this is not the final version.

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