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A mobile RPG game based on the free-to-play business model. Netrunner takes us to the cyberpunk universe of the tabletop game Android: Netrunner. Players act as hackers, who steal the classified data of powerful companies.

RPG | cyberpunk | science fiction | books | Isometric view | elements of strategy

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developer: Legacy Games publisher: Legacy Interactive

Netrunner is a mobile AND and iOS cyberpunk RPG game created by Legacy Games studio. The game was released in a free-to-play model with microtransactions.


Netrunner, available for AND and iOS, is set in Netrunner universe, a table card game created in 1996 (currently known as Android: Netrunner). The game takes us to the classic cyberpunk vision of the future. We play as the titular hackers who try to break into the servers of all-powerful corporations in order to steal their data. This process takes place in a virtual reality, so closely linked to the users' brains that the most effective defense systems can turn a hacker into a vegetable. These malicious programs belong to the category known as Black Ice, from their code name ICE - Intrusion Countermeasures Electronics.

The game puts a lot of emphasis on the storyline. In order to ensure a high level of storytelling, the developers hired Meg Jayanth, the author of the screenplay for the excellent 80 Days text adventure game.


During the game, we take part in both hacking missions, as well as get the opportunity to explore the real world. Both "worlds" are shown from an isometric view. However, they have received completely different graphic styles and types of challenges. The fight takes place in real time and resembles action RPGs - our own dexterity plays an equally important role as the statistics of our hero.

In cyberspace, strategic elements are further strengthened by the need to select appropriate hacking programmes. Netrunner also has a character development system. While completing missions, we gain experience points, which we then spend on new skills.

Game mode: single player  

Age restrictions Netrunner: 12+

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