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Game Box for NiOh Collection (PS5)

NiOh Collection PS5

Bundle including both parts of the NiOh soullike series from Team Ninja studio, which were previously released on the PlayStation 4 and PC. The NiOh Collection contains all the content developed for both games.

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Sony PlayStation 5
NiOh Collection cover

developer: Team Ninja

publisher: Koei Tecmo

Game mode: single / multiplayer

Multiplayer mode: Internet

English language game language: English

game release date for PS5:


NiOh Collection is a set that includes both NiOh games - RPGs belonging to the soulslike sub-genre. The collection also offers access to all the additional content created for these games and a number of improvements designed for the PlayStation 5 console. Developers from the Japanese studio Team Ninja, the authors of the original games, are responsible for developing this project. The publisher is Koei Tecmo.


NiOh and NiOh 2 takes place in an alternate version of Japan from the Sengoku period (15th and 16th century). It is a fantastic land where not only people but also demons called yokai (taken from Japanese mythology) are a threat. In the games we control two different characters, although the second part is a prequel - its action takes place before the events of the previous game. The main hero of NiOh is a warrior from the West named William (he arrives to Japan chasing one of his enemies), and in the second part we play the role of a self-created hero - half man, half yokai, who fights with beings from another world, using supernatural powers.


Both parts of NiOh are RPGs inspired by the Dark Souls series. In these games, the action is observed from the third person perspective (TPP), and the gameplay focuses on fighting the enemies - mainly people and yokai (both smaller demons and much more powerful bosses).

We are fighting mainly with cold weapons, although sometimes are also using distance weapons such as bows and muskets. The player has several fighting stances at his disposal, as well as a set of additional skills (in second part of the series we can also use the supernatural powers of the main character). A key role is played by the watching of the opponent and the pairing of blows at the right time to make a devastating counterattack.

The soulslike sub-genre is characterised by a high level of difficulty - each death deprives us of accumulated and unspent wealth/experience (we are talking about special resources such as Soul Cores or Amrita) and forces us to repeat the section once again.

Game modes

Both NiOh and NiOh 2 offer, in addition to the story campaign, an unusual co-op mode, which is designed for up to three players. Friends can help us fight the bosses. Similar support can also be obtained from companions controlled by artificial intelligence (they are modelled on player characters).

Technical aspects

The games included in the NiOh Collection have attractive 3D graphics. In both cases, the characteristic atmosphere is noteworthy - full of the feudal Japan and Japanese mythology. It is worth noting that the games have been improved, thanks to which they use the capabilities of the PS5 console (support for 4K resolution and a mode allowing to play in 120 frames per second).

Expectations: 8.5 / 10 calculated out of 2 players' votes.  

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