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Game Box for PlayStation VR Worlds (PS4)

PlayStation VR Worlds PS4

A set of five varied games developed by Sony Computer Entertainment, created specifically for the PlayStation VR hardware and serving first and foremost to demonstrate the headgear's capabilities.

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Sony PlayStation 4
PlayStation VR Worlds cover

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PlayStation VR Worlds for PS4 is a set of five games: The London Heist, VR Luge, Into the Deep, Scavenger's Odyssey and Danger Ball. Each of them is a different experience, although they all utilize the same Sony VR headset technology, whose capabilities they demonstrate.

The London Heist

The first game in the PlayStation VR Worlds bundle is The London Heist. It's an FPP game, in which you play as a gangster. Your task is to steal something and escape from the crime scene. On the way, you have to participate in shootouts and pursuits straight from an action movie. The game utilizes two PlayStation Move Controllers, assigned to the protagonist's hands. With them, you take aim, reload your weapon and interact with objects. There's also an option to use DualShock 4—in this case controls are adapted to the specifics of the device. It's worth noting, that you don't have the full freedom of movement, although you can still look around and take aim.

VR Luge

VR Luge is another element of the PlayStation VR Worlds set. You participate in an unusual kind of a race taking place in the rocky California. The game utilizes a first person perspective, and your task is to beat the assigned track as quickly as you can, using a fast skateboard. You also need to avoid many obstacles, such as cars—or even trucks, the crashes with which you can avoid by simply ducking and going underneath them.

Into the Deep

In Into the Deep you play as a deep sea scientist, going underwater in a special cage. Because of a rather restricted leeway, you are free to look around and observe the underwater wildlife. Things get complicated, however, when the sea predators smell their potential prey — i.e. the player. To survive the attack, you have to dodge by moving your head. What makes this production stand out of the other PlayStation VR Worlds games for PS4 is a relatively calm, non-action and non-dynamic gameplay.

Scavenger's Odyssey

Scavenger's Odyssey is an action game, in which you play as a space treasure hunter. You spend the entire gameplay onboard a futuristic, mech-like vehicle, allowing you to function normally in a zero gravity environment, as well to walk on walls and cover great distances with just one leap. The vehicle is also equipped with a laser cannon, which can eliminate the hostile aliens which stand in your way and other threats in space (like drifting fragments of rock).

Danger Ball

Danger Ball features a new sport, in which you can deflect a ball with your head only. Just like in the rest of the games in the PlayStation VR Worlds, it utilizes a first person perspective, and you use the crosshair on screen by moving your head accordingly. You also use special abilities, which can either help you win or kill your opponents. It is the only game in the bundle, which features minimalistic but still colorful visuals. Apart from that, Danger Ball focuses on a quick, dynamic gameplay.

Game score 6.15 / 10 calculated out of 166 players' votes.  
Expectations before the premiere: 9.5 / 10 calculated out of 1 players' votes.  

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