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Priest Simulator
Priest Simulator

Simulation December 2020

Priest Simulator is a humorous simulation game, in which the player plays a clergyman. A typical day of a priest consists of, among other things, preaching, exorcisms, administering sacraments for a fee, and fighting against evil in its broadest sense.


Strategy 2021

Real-time strategy (RTS) from the creators of the game Reus, in which we play the god assuming his own cult. Through suggestions and properly arranged rules, the player can bend the behaviour of followers to their own free will. At the same time, by means of the sacraments and supernatural powers, he competes with other idols for religious domination in the region.

Fight of Gods
Fight of Gods

Fighting 18 January 2019

A 2.5D fighting game developed by the independent developer Digital Crafter. Fight of Gods resembles other fighting games such as Capcom's Street Fighter IV, so the character models are 3D, and the battles are set in two-dimensional environments. Each fighter features a unique set of moves and special attacks, which have to be learned by heart and used to chain spectacular combos to efficiently fight both AI and other players. The main aspect that makes the game different from other fighter games is its main theme. In the game, the player gets to control not regular heroes but gods. This includes e.g. Jesus Christ, Buddha, Zeus, and Odin. The game delivers several modes, one of which is the tutorial allowing the player to familiarize themselves with the abilities features by the character they have chosen. Moreover, one can fight the AI-controlled opponents in the single player mode and face other players in the local multiplayer mode.

The Church in the Darkness
The Church in the Darkness

Action 02 August 2019

A sandbox action-adventure game and the debut project from the independent team at Paranoid Productions. The Church in the Darkness takes us back to the late 70s, and the story focuses on a pair of characters – followers of a radical cult, who run away to South America and try to create a utopia in the jungle. We play as a policeman named Vic whose nephew joins the mysterious church, so he travels to the aforementioned place to check if the boy is alright. The game is characterized by its high degree of randomness and freedom of action. A procedural generation system manages not only the shape of the locations and the placement of NPC, but also the dogmas of the titular Church, which affect the game’s plot. There are also difficult decisions to make, each with irreversible consequences.

Gray Dawn
Gray Dawn

Adventure 07 June 2018

A psychological thriller adventure game, in which the players assume the role of a priest charged with murdering an altar boy during an exorcism. In Gray Dawn, the players observe the action from the first-person perspective, and the gameplay revolves around solving environmental puzzles. The main protagonist is haunted by dark visions that make for the grim atmosphere of the game.

Bible Chronicles: Call of Abraham
Bible Chronicles: Call of Abraham

RPG canceled

Bible Chronicles: Call of Abraham is an independent cRPG game that takes up topics known from the Bible, taking the player to the ancient Middle East. We play the role of a member of Abraham's caravan and travel with him, taking part in the "adventures" described in the Old Testament. The title is characterized by fidelity to the biblical message and a large number of actions.

Save Jesus
Save Jesus

Logic 04 August 2016

Save Jesus is a 2D puzzle game inspired by the life of Jesus Christ, but telling a completely unknown, fantastic story. It was developed by Almighty Games. A crook from the future impersonates Ceasar and intends to use his power to kill Jesus and his friends. Our job is to prevent that from happening. Gameplay in Save Jesus focuses on manipulating the environmental elements in a way to change the course of a rolling rock aimed at Jesus and use it to kill roman soldiers instead. Maps are made of squares symbolizing patches of ground (we can remove them with a single click to create a path for the murderous rock) and are filled with moving elements (i.e. log) and other stuff, e.g. explosives. Even though Save Jesus is a low budget game, its rather simple visuals have no negative impact on its playability.

Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth
Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth

RPG 07 February 2002

Tactical Japanese RPG, in which players lead their team to subsequent victories in battles in rounds. Between battles they develop available heroes and learn more about the history.