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Rule the Waves 2 (PC cover
Game Box forRule the Waves 2 (PC)

Rule the Waves 2 PC

Rule the Waves 2 is a complex strategy game, in which we try to build the largest and most advanced fleet possible in the first half of the 20th century. The Naval Warfare Simulations studio is responsible for creating and releasing the production.

Strategy | ships | early 20th century

Rule the Waves 2 Release Date PC


developer: Naval Warfare Simulations publisher: Naval Warfare Simulations Official website

English language game language: English

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Rule the Waves 2 is a strategic game in which we play as admiral of the fleet of one of the countries existing between 1900 and 1950. The game is a continuation of Rule the Waves from 2015. Production is characterized by a high level of realism and complexity. It was developed and released by the Naval Warfare Simulations studio.


The action in Rule the Waves 2 takes place in the first half of the 20th century - at a time when the navy was developing very dynamically in connection with two world wars. Ideas, solutions and technologies were created that were not dreamt of by previous naval visionaries, but also the rules of war have changed completely.


Rule the Waves 2 starts with choosing one of the factions - most of the countries that played a role in the seas and oceans of the 20th century are available. Our main task is to create and expand the best possible naval fleet and constantly outperforming our rivals' achievements. To do this, we have to make many different decisions and think about a number of factors such as economics, research, ship design, naval prestige and even inter-state relations.

The game also allows you to fight battles, during which you command your own units. The clashes are fought in real time (we can stop the action at any time to make it easier for us to see what is happening on the battlefield) and are really large scale (which is possible thanks to the simplification of graphics and general presentation).

Rule the Waves 2 introduces many new features to the formula known from the previous part. We have a huge amount of new technology here ( brand new torpedoes, radars, mines, or rifles). There are also a number of changes in the gameplay mechanics, e.g. in the area of the Invasions (now they do not take place spontaneously) or in connection with trade (trade protection, which replaced ASW patrols, was introduced).

Probably the biggest change, however, is the appearance of planes and aircraft carriers at a later stage of the game - they completely change the situation on the battlefield.

Game modes

In Rule the Waves 2, we can only play alone. The basis of the game is a single-player mode.

Technical aspects

Rule the Waves 2 has a very simple graphic design, which consists mainly of a user interface, consisting of various types of charts, tables and maps. The production of Naval Warfare Simulations studio is completely devoid of the spectacular, three-dimensional graphics with which modern video games are often identified.

Last updated on 20 January 2020

Game mode: single player  

Age restrictions Rule the Waves 2: Good for all ages.

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