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Game Box for Rune Factory 4 (3DS)

Rune Factory 4 3DS

Rune Factory 4 is the next installment of the famous series of Japanese RPG games, where you can experience the life of an adventurer, prince and farmer.

RPG | fantasy | farm | life Simulator | crafting | classic RPG | Nintendo exclusive titles

Nintendo 3DS
Rune Factory 4 cover

developer: Neverland

publisher: Natsume Inc.

Official website

Game mode: single player

English language game language: English

game release date for 3DS:


Rune Factory 4 is the next installment of the Rune Factory series and the first to be designed exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS. Created by Japanese Neverland studio, the cycle is conceived as a side series of highly successful game Harvest Moon from 1996 and its several sequels released over the past years, which allowed us to play as a farmer looking after his farm. Unlike Harvest Moon, the action of all Rune Factory games takes place in the world of fantasy, and more than guarding the players' beds, they are interested in adventures in the magical underworld, the fight against creatures or the production of new items.

The plot of the game, as in the previous parts, begins with the loss of memory by the main character. What is new, however, is the possibility of choosing his gender. Our protagonist can be a young boy named Les or a girl called Frey. Regardless of which one you choose, the oboes begin their adventure in the same way, falling out of the flying ship. It is due to the fall from a high altitude that they lose memory of themselves and the world around them, being able to start all over again with the player. Fortunately, despite the initial misfortune. their fate favours them, thanks to a certain coincidence, they are temporarily appointed princess or princess by the inhabitants of the city to which they found themselves. It is also worth mentioning that the characters have the ability to telepathically communicate with dragons, which significantly affects the course of the plot of the game.

We will spend most of the game time traveling through 3D adventure maps, hunting for various kinds of creatures (we can tame and breed them), producing objects, interacting with other heroes, as well as cultivating the land. The novelty in the series, i.e. the aforementioned title of ruler, is connected with certain privileges and duties. Players can use the "Princely Points", which they receive as a reward for their actions and progress in the game, to build new buildings in the city, for example by commissioning the construction of a blacksmith's shop or a pharmacy. New constructions attract tourists, and the more they attract visitors to our city, the better our work will be judged. This increases our multi-level princess ranking and results in another injection of points or other additional bonuses. Contrary to older versions of the cycle, the system of romance with other characters was solved in a different way. The characters controlled by us have a choice of several different candidates for the title of husband / wife, but they do not have to finalise the relationship in front of the altar immediately after falling in love with one of them. What's more, you can even dating with several people at the same time.

The game's graphics combine three-dimensional backgrounds and models of characters and creatures with two-dimensional graphics of the characters involved in the conversations, which is characteristic of titles from the Land of the Cherry Blossom.

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Expectations: 10 / 10 calculated out of 8 players' votes.  

Age Rating

age requirements: everyone

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