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Deep Diving Simulator
Deep Diving Simulator

Simulation 27 May 2019

A simulation game in which we play the role of a diver who studies the secrets of the seabed full of wrecks and sunken relics. Exploration of the underwater depths is hampered not only by marine predators but also by the need to pay attention to oxygen and compression ratios. Deep Diving Simulator is developed by the Polish studio Jujubee, known from such productions as Kursk or Realpolitiks.


Adventure 28 March 2017

An underwater survival game developed by Honor Code studio, putting us in the role of a professional diver clad in a heavy diving suit to reach greater depths. During a task for an underwater laboratory, an accident occurs and the hero finds himself abandoned on the ocean floor. He must survive and find a way to escape the trap before his oxygen supply runs out. We explore underwater locations, fighting aggressive animals and solving occasional puzzles. We observe the world from first person perspective, which enhances the claustrophobic feeling of the game. To succeed in Narcosis, we must wisely use our equipment and be able to efficiently move in a very heavy suit while managing supply of oxygen, which is consumed faster, e.g., through physical effort, damage-induced stress or changing water pressure.


Action 03 November 2014

Depth was designed with multiplayer experience in mind. In the game there are two competing teams – scuba divers, and sharks that try to hunt them down. The game is a debut by a studio originating from the modding community – Digital Confectioners. The action takes place exclusively underwater, and the two teams have completely different goals to accomplish. The task of the divers is to locate a valuable object and bring it to the surface. The other group, playing as sharks, needs to prevent the first team from doing so, which, most of the times, boils down to eating them. The gameplay is pretty realistic – the divers’ movements are limited by all the physics of submerged bodies, while the sharks make use of their animal instinct without hesitation. High quality graphics are provided by the Unreal Engine 3.

Diver: Deep Water Adventures
Diver: Deep Water Adventures

Simulation 25 October 2006

Diver: Deep Water Adventures is a combination of action adventure games with elements of strategy. As you can guess from the title, the game concentrates around diving, and a player immersed in a strange undersea world can only rely on his equipment and experience.

World of Diving
World of Diving

Simulation TBA

A diving simulator designed primarily with the view of multiplayer gameplay, developed by Danish studio Vertigo Games. World of Diving lets you start a virtual career of a professional diver, who participates in all sorts of sports competitions, takes various exploration missions, or hunts wild animals, including the infamous great white shark. In most part, in-game world is generated procedurally, which results in a huge area to explore. There is also no shortage of handcrafted locations, based on real-life places. Apart from natural caves and the bottom of the sea you get to explore sunken ships and submarines as well as undersea ruins. Gameplay is focused on multiplayer, as many missions require more than one diver to complete. Apart from co-op missions, there are also some competitive game modes, based on either typical sports or treasure hunting.


Simulation canceled

Spearfishing is a diving simulator designed by Biart development studio. The game allows you to experience the sensations of diving in various corners of the world - from Europe to Australia. The game offers, among other things, skill training, free exploration of the depths, mission mode, participation in divers' competitions, and even underwater fishing hunting.

Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive
Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive

Adventure 24 August 2014

Depth Hunter
Depth Hunter

Simulation 01 February 2012

Realistic diving simulator, developed by the Russian Biart Company studio, which specializes in similar productions (Diver, Check Dive).

Check Dive
Check Dive

Simulation 02 August 2007

Check Dive is another diving game prepared by Russian company Biart. Like in Diver: Deep Water Adventures, the game in this title is located under water. However, the convention of the game is a bit different - the discussed item focuses primarily on providing the user with as much relaxation as possible.

Diver: Deep Water Adventures - addon
Diver: Deep Water Adventures - addon

Action 30 October 2006

Diver: Deep Water Adventures - Addon is an addition to the title Diver: Deep Water Adventures. This item combines a dive simulator with elements typical for action and strategy adventure games. In order to install this extension you need to have a basic version of the game.

Infinite Scuba
Infinite Scuba

Simulation 13 March 2013

Diving simulator, prepared by the team responsible for the MS Flight Simulator series. The game offers a realistic training system, prepared on the basis of real courses of PADI organization and the possibility of exploring popular, realistically existing diving areas.