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Suicide Squad: Special Ops (iOS cover
Game Box forSuicide Squad: Special Ops (iOS)

Suicide Squad: Special Ops

A mobile first-person perspective shooter based on the movie Suicide Squad which, in turn, was based on the popular comic series Suicide Squad. The story of the game is loosely based on the plot of the movie. However, it is just an excuse for the actual gameplay.

Action | DC Comics | FPS | supervillains

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Suicide Squad: Special Ops is an Android and iOS FPS game that uses a free to play model with microtransactions. The game was based on the Suicide Squad movie, which in turn is an adaptation of the Suicide Squad comic book series.


The scenario of the game is based on the story from the film, but in practice, it is only a pretext for fun and does not contain any spoilers. During the campaign, we play the role of one of the members of the eponymous Suicide Squad, which consists of dangerous superhumans. A unit is a secret group for special tasks of the American agency ARGUS. Their obedience is guaranteed by bombs implanted into their bodies.


Suicide Squad: Special Ops takes us to the city of Midway, the streets of which are overrun by a swarm of monsters. We observe the action from the first-person perspective, and the fun comes down to eliminating the hordes of enemies. There are three playable characters to choose from - sniper Deadshot, Diablo, who can control fire and Joker's crazy companion known as Harley Quinn. Each of the characters has unique attacks and special skills, which can be activated after charging a special symbol, which we do by killing enemies. Regardless of who we control, the other two members of the unit will be controlled by artificial intelligence.

Deadshot uses a rifle and small cannons on his wrists. The latter deal less damage but have infinite ammunition. His special skill is to slow downtime. Diablo releases flames from hands, but can also cause an explosion that destroys everything within a radius of several meters. Harley fights with a baseball bat and revolver, and her special ability enables us to instantly close the distance to enemies and kill them with one blow.

Game modes

The game only offers a single-player mode that lasts for several hours of fun. However, the devs envisaged the possibility of competing with other people for a place in constantly updated online rankings.

Technical aspects

Events in Suicide Squad: Special Ops are shown in an attractive three-dimensional graphics, in which the textures and effects have been matched to make the whole look very cartoonish.

Last updated on 19 July 2016

Game mode: single player  

App size:

Age restrictions Suicide Squad: Special Ops: 12+

Suicide Squad: Special Ops System requirements

Apple iOS

Apple iOS

  • Additional information:
  • Internet connection is required.
Android OS

Android OS

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  • Internet connection is required.
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